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  1. Is there anywhere where the jersey concepts are compiled into one place? Love the Mariners one by the way! Looking forward to the Dodgers
  2. If you don't want to send it in to the Phoenix organization, I will! Giving you credit of course.
  3. Wow that sucks. I can only hope this is experimental and they move back to their original logo within the next couple years
  4. Zero. It's been confirmed. By who? Will you send me the link?
  5. What are the chances that the logo isn't real?! I sure hope it isn't!
  6. What is it? My money is on the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  7. O for 2. It's UC-Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz Website "Keep laughing , these are your clothes." Believe it or not I live in Santa Cruz, and I see people like that every day, no joke
  8. They should have never changed... These ones are sweet