The Principality of Lisander [College Basketball Map posted]

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Timeline in Nationstates is a strange thing. Since every sport has its own periodicity, to fit the international calendar, I'll be not following a proper year sequence here. I'll be following seasons instead of years. It means to say no retro uniforms, at least from now (because the amateur-era past of the teams isn't written yet).


In the season, teams face every other team in a triple round-robin. The first and third legs are played home and away games, while the second leg, in between, will have matches played in a neutral venue. The top four of each division advance to playoffs. Postseason phases are played in series of five matches and the first team to win 3 matches advances to the following round. This applies to Quarterfinals, Semifinals and International Playoff. The Superliga Finals will be played in a series of seven matches. The table is fixed, so Northern and Southern Division champions can't play in the postseason otherwise than in Finals. Between the Finalists, the team with most a better performance in the regular season plays the matches 1, 3, 5 and 7 at home.




Season 1



Northern Division          Pld    W   L    Win % 
 1 BC Olympia Lerna         39   30   9    0.769
 2 Orissa Basketball 1936   39   22  17    0.564
 3 Montecorvina AA          39   17  22    0.436
 4 Academica AP             39   17  22    0.436
 5 Myrtilis BC              39   17  22    0.436 
 6 Sunion BC                39   15  24    0.385
 7 Isny Valliant            39   12  27    0.308
Southern Division          Pld    W   L    Win % 
 1 Casterwill Roses         39   29  10    0.744
 2 AS Virtus 1904           39   26  13    0.667
 3 Libertas Basketball      39   25  14    0.641
 4 Club Sparta              39   17  22    0.436
 5 CA Oeste                 39   16  23    0.410
 6 AC Kasandora             39   16  23    0.410
 7 Azhaar BC                39   14  25    0.359

BC Olympia Lerna 3 - 2 Club Sparta
OLY 83-71 SPA, SPA 71-76 OLY, OLY 72-75 SPA, SPA 82-80 OLY, OLY 93-74 SPA

AS Virtus 1904 3 - 0 Montecorvina AA
VIR 66-55 MON, MON 65-71 VIR, VIR 83-66 MON, games 4 and 5 not needed

Casterwill Roses 3 - 1 Academica AP
ROS 53–78 AAP, AAP 73–80 ROS, ROS 85–60 AAP, AAP 71–94 ROS, game 5 not needed

Orissa Basketball 1936 1 - 3 Libertas Basketball
ORI 82–75 LIB, LIB 82–65 ORI, ORI 61–66 LIB, LIB 69–65 ORI, game 5 not needed



BC Olympia Lerna 3 - 0 AS Virtus 1904 
OLY 85-79 VIR, VIR 61–79 OLY, OLY 90–73 VIR, games 4 and 5 not needed

Casterwill Roses 1 - 3 Libertas Basketball
CAS 83–67 LIB, LIB 88–66 CAS, CAS 79–82 LIB, LIB 84–71 CAS, game 5 not needed



AS Virtus 1904 3 - 1 Casterwill Roses 
VIS 62-66 CAR, CAR 65-78 VIS, VIS 80-76 CAR, CAS 74-81 VIR, game 5 not needed
AS Virtus qualified for IUBC XIII



BC Olympia Lerna 4 - 1 Libertas Basketball
OLY 72-86 LIB, LIB 59-69 OLY, OLY 90–62 LIB, LIB 78–88 OLY, OLY 83-81 LIB, games 6 and 7 not needed


Basketball Club OLYMPIA LERNA
(1st title)

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Together with the Superliga, a new competition started also for College Basketball. The Older College Basketball Championship of National Academic League, divided into regional groups, was discontinued, and a new format was planned for the following Season, the Élite 12:


Élite 12 Logo. Text is in French because French is the Official Language of National Academic League.


In the Élite 12, the top twelve basketball programs of the country enter a double round robin. The top four placed after the 22 rounds go to the Final Four, which is always played in a neutral venue.



Élite 12 Map. The location of  each team is marked with the balls. Soria Metropolitan area colleges are shown in detail.


Soria, the capital of the nation, have theoretically four colleges participating. Academia Politechnica (Poli), Universidade de Soria and Universidade Metropolitana play in courts within the communal limits, while Trinity College Campus is based in the neighbouring commune of Linville (was part of Soria Commune when Trinity College was founded). Despina in the southwest, have two colleges, Universidade do Sudoeste and Universidade São Miguel Arcanjo (USMA). Kasandora, in the southern coast, have one, Concordia.


Going up north, three of the five colleges are based in Superliga cities: Universidade de Lerna and Universidade de Orissa retain the name of the city, while Portes have its demonym as the name of Universidade Portia. Out of the Superliga, Grandeville has its naval academy on the top of Mt. Grand (Another university victimized by the dismemberment of cities in the 20th century), the Academia Naval de Grandeville. College of Salinas, from the city with the same name, is the 12th team.


Logos and Uniforms should be up next.

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