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Gary Pinkel is paranoid


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KC Star

Gary Pinkel, the Missouri football coach has suspended Damien Nash, his top running back, for questioning play calls made during the Oklahoma State game. This seems kinda bad as it is, but when you factor in that he seems to have a personal grudge against Lee Corso for saying his team underachieved in their loss to Troy earlier this year, one of the few lucid things Corso has said all year. Having said that, I do think Pinkel should've done something about this, but it definitely shouldn't be public and be on the sports front page of the KC Star. Gee, whatever happened to the old days when Nash would've suffered an injury in the film room on Monday? :D

I've decided to give up hope for all sports teams I follow

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Poor Punkel. Everyone wants his head now. I hear many Mizzou fans clammering for him to be dumped.

Big Mark @ KU is looking like a better choice everyday. At least his team has confidence. The Tigers look a bit meek right now.

Hey Pinkel, how about making adjustments at say.....I dunno...HALFTIME. Nah, better yet stick to your gameplan, it seems to be doing great.......for the other teams.

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