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Hey Guys, Hockey Template That Needs


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If anyone is interested.

Hey guys.

I know many of you have copies of "full body" uniform templates (ie: Nick's football template that has become the football uniform standard on these boards lately). There is one for every sport (football, baseball, basketball, even soccer) except hockey. Now I started on a while back, and I even got quite far and close to completing it, actually. Now I need someone with a STRONG hand at illustrator with the time to complete it and touch it up. This would include adding shading/highlights (I suck at that) to the jersies, helmets, pants, socks (ribbing in the socks would be a nice touch too), gloves, etc. There is also a face/head to add features (highlights and such) that has a layer with a removeable helmet (for those who like to do vintage/throwback stuff when helmets werent required). If any of you are SERIOUSLY interested and have the knowledge and time finish the project, by all means PM me, leave a reply in this thread (with ur email addy) or email me (jesse_c_feltner@hotmail.com). Upon completing the template, we will share credit and allow the other friends we have on the board to use it as they wish.

So the majority of the hard work is done, who wants to try their hand at making it a masterpiece and sharing in complete credit for its creation.

Here is a preview of what i have already



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