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New team 'Barracuda' concept logo


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Hi all,

This is for an actual football team to be launched in 2006.

First time I've really been able to look around this forum properly, very impressed with all the logo work, ideas and resources that fill every page.

There is a currently confidential project to launch a new football team in my area, and I have a graphic designer who is finding his spare time to assist us with our team logo. As a purely amateur team, we are of course indebted to him, but we're currently at a slight impasse, since we need to find a suitable font and lettering to accompany the basic 'Cuda symbol.

Below is the latest draft, which conformed fairly tightly to our simple design brief, particularly that the C of Cuda should essentially 'fit' the curve of the fish's backbone.


This element has led to the impasse, as we do not favour the graffiti-esque font used as a concept font, favouring instead more angular lettering. Of course, an angular font that features a suitably curved 'C' is a fairly paradoxical situation!

If we are to go with a more script-like font, we need to find one that will work with this design, but also look good enough to present a strong brand that will appeal to any corporate sponsors we approach. We don't want to look like a street team!

I would welcome any and all feedback and suggestions from the forum, while asking you not to circulate it's content elsewhere. Of course, I appreciate the irony of referring to something as confidential and then putting it on a public forum, but please just don't take this conversation outside of this message board, and I'd be very grateful.

I'd be particularly interested to hear from Against All Odds, whose work I found very nice, and also the fact that he put together a concept for a fantasy Barracudas team did not escape my notice. :D

I hope this post is suitable to this board, as oposed to the requests board. For the team colours, we are pretty much committed to black pants and helmets, with burgundy red jerseys, with white and black elements. Hence the colours shown on the concept. Also, the intent is that the 'Barra' part will not appear on the helmet logo's, but we are including it as part of the overall logo to use where appropriate. I think you guys call this a secondary mark? We also want to incorporate the place name as well, preferably above the main nickname, but I'm holding back the location for now, due to that confidentiality I mentioned.

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2 things jump out at me right away:

1- It looks like it says "Barracoda". That "u" is closed up too much...

2- The fish isn't really meshing well with that typeface. I like the idea of using the curved barracuda as a way to separate the word but there needs to be better integration. There seems to be some kinks in that "C" that throws it off a bit. Maybe make the fish tail the actual "C"?

Also the fish, while a cool illustration, might look better with some bolder lines, especially on the outer edges.

It's a good start though and you guys are definitely on the right track... good luck!

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