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Hey all, I started a thread a few months ago asking for some opinions on the logo I created. Well, I'm back for another round. I'm starting to learn how to use Photoshop, and here are the results...

First, this is my first try, as a refresher...


Now, here is my new one...Bomb4.jpg

Better or worse?

C & C greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not sold on it. K-9 handlers are mostly either police, or para-military SAR teams, so I think a shield would be more appropriate than a cartoon bomb. Especially because I've never liked firework or even super realistic looking flames in logos.

I would suggest taking a police badge shape (NYPD uses a nice simple shape), and have the dog inside that and have him looking more towards the viewer. Then add a banner on the top and sides for the company name.

Good luck, I love work dogs. I'm planning on training a SAR dog.

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These type of logos, especially for small businesses, typically require very simple 1-3 color designs. A lot of times, these folks are printing their own letterhead via a laser printer or making photocopies where a black and white logo is optimal. I think you're going the right direction, but here is how I would attack this problem if I were working on this project.

First, I'd make sure the first two words (Explosive Detector) stay together. Those words comprise the name and splitting them in two slows the time it takes to realize what it says.

Second, I'd probably do a one-color trace of this (black on white) using negative space. I'd stylize the bomb and the dog. You could also stylize the wick of the bomb, and I suggest using a spark-type look rather than a burning because, unless it's a candle wick, it doesn't burn like a fire.

Lastly, I would probably use a different font. I've used Asrafel in projects before, but it seems inappropriate in the way you're using it. Using it horizontally, maybe with a 10-30 px kerning would help. However, I'd use another font entirely.

Hope this helps!



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