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Lousiana-Monroe Preliminary Mascot Poll Begins


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The preliminary public poll for the new University of Louisiana-Monroe school mascot began today. There are 12 choices, which will then be narrowed down to the final three. By logging onto https://webservices.ulm.edu/mascot_poll/ you can register and vote for your choices. The online poll will end on Friday, March 31, 2006 at 8:00 a.m. CST.

The preliminary choices:

Aviators- Pilots. The area has historical ties to aviation. Delta Airlines was founded in Monroe. WWII navigators were trained at Selman Field. In the 1930s, pilots were trained at the college. Aviators are daring, intelligent and gallant.

Bayou Bandits- A group of outlaws, robbers, or thieves who live in the wilderness and raid civilized settlements. Bandits are loyal, agile and fearless.

Bayou Bruins- Bears. Area is home to bears. Bruins are fierce, strong and inspiring.

Bayou Buccaneers- Pirates. "Buccaneers" is the name associated with pirates who sailed the west Indies and attacked Spanish ships and settlements in the 17th Century. Buccaneers are swift, cunning and hardy.

Bayou Gators- Alligators. Louisiana is home to alligators. Alligators are ferocious and wily hunters.

Bayou Hawks- Small or medium-sized, low-flying birds of prey. Red-shouldered and red-tailed hawks are found near Bayou DeSiard. Hawks are graceful, intelligent, territorial and fierce.

Bayou Raiders- Raiders engage in surprise attacks. Bands of raiders once roamed this area. Raiders used fast, lightly-armed ships while operating against merchant shipping.

Bayou Storm- Heavy rainfall, snowfall, hail or wind. Also an attack on a defended position. Storms are fierce and powerful.

Marauders- Those who travel in search of plunder or loot. Merrill's Marauders trained at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and fought in Burma during WWII. Creative, cunning survivors who accomplish their mission.

Thunder- Loud noise immediately following a lightening flash; also a roar or shout. Recalls thoughts of summer thunderstorms.

Thunderbirds- A species of Australian shrike, or magpie. When it swoops overhead, it makes a loud, snapping noise with its wings. These birds are aggressive and territorial. Also a term sometimes used to define any large bird flying ahead of a storm.

Warhawks- P-40 fighter plane used in WWII, especially by General Chennault and his Flying Tigers. Also a naval vessel during WWII. Advantages are speed in a dive, firepower and ability to absorb battle damage.

ULM Mascot Online Poll

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Voted for Aviators, Marauders, and Warhawks. All the names I voted for are WWII theme. I voted out of respect for the veterans. The WWII veterans are dying off in age and numbers are getting smaller every year. It's a wonderful way to honor the veterans.

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