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C+C on latest stuff...


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Here is my latest stuff for a league I had just joined, any info from you guys would be appreciated...

League Logo..(still in works as far as effects, etc.)


My team sig.. (waiting for draft to add players)


another team member I did.... (waiting for draft to add players)


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For league logo:

The player seems out of place and doesn't blend well with the other elements. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but then I saw it; the black figure should have a white outline followed by the red outline to tie it into the "Full Out" wordmark. Also, I wonder if the red eye thingies are necessary.

Dynasty sig is is sharp. Simple, effective. If anything, perhaps a white border around the "20" and the "06" to make them stand out a bit?

Kevin Bacon: Pretty strong design aside from "Little Heroes" being off centered for some reason; I guess my only thing is that I've spent much time with a team in my league that incorporates the Superman shield into their logo. What I've always dug about Supes' logo is that the negative space is just as important as the positive space and I tried to do this with my guy's logo. See below:


(The first one was the original done for the 2005 season. I updated the look to coincide with the movie's more 3D logo for the '06 season. Oh, and the "67" in the logo is a reference to the code police use to report a theft - hence the team name, Man of Steal.)

With the "K", it's just set behind the border of the shield. To me, the letter "K" gives a lot of opportunities to play with the negative space.

All that being said, let me repeat that your's does look good - the colors used are really sharp. This diatribe probably has more to do with my issues with the shield than anything else.

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I fixed the outline on the guy, your right it does look better.... plus I made the bg transparent.... I wanted an image in this logo and I wanted it to be a LB Blitzin, but I didnt want to get to intracate with details, just some kind of feature on the face to represent anger....

Dynasty sig... Im still toyin with this one, I didnt want the 2006 to stand out too much but there was a void when it was just black...

Kevin Bacon sig... As for the shield and K, I didnt want to spend too much time on it, just somethin that people could see that yeah, its the Superman logo with a K, and the Little Heroes is off centered a lil bit because of the way Kevin Bacon is written it has a slight bulge in the front and sleaker at the end (like the Superman wordmark, and I wanted it to fit right under the arch...

But thank you for your comments (glad to see someone has an interest)

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