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New Carthage (MS) HS Helmet Logo


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This season my old HS, the Carthage Tigers decided to change helmet logos. Ever since my first year of HS football (1998), we had worn a gold Chicago Bears "C" trimmed in white with black helmets. My senior year we got new jerseys with UCLA stripes and started to look really sharp, I thought. Now, for this year, the coaches have decided to go to a plain white Clemon-style tiger paw on the black helmet, with the same home jersey. It's not that I dont like the paw, I just think it should be trimmed in gold for uniformity purposes, to compliment the shoulder stripes.

I have included three pics below. The first is the old C that was on our helmets (on a baseball cap, however - only pic I could find), next is the current look, and finally is a partial shot of our new midfield logo that IS trimmed in gold. I think the new midfield logo, started halfway thru last season, is the main reason coach switched to the helmet paws. Any thoughts on the changes would be appreciated. Thanks guys.




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