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2009 Stanley Cup playoff bracket graphix


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yes, no? Okay, it's not an exact match to their font, but it's close enuff.


I dabbled a bit more with my own personal '09 brackets, and thought I'd share the two Conference graphics I made to compliment the FINALS logo (for those who also make their own brackets, I guess). Lemme know whatcha think.



Oh, and I've read the comments on other threads about ppl's brackets being on the 'wrong sides' (should be like a map?)... mehhh, it's a personal taste thing, i guess. Cuz mine's with the EAST on the left and the WEST on the right. ALL sportscasts begin with the Eastern games first (unless you stay up late to watch the last 'desk). Even the NHL's logos in the recent past had the Eastern ribbon on the left and the western ribbon on the right... So, EAST on the LEFT, WEST on the RIGHT, okay? Makes acceptable sense to mine ears. hehehe.

<_< Peace!

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I think I may have the exact font somewhere if your interested...

I probly have the exact font as well somewheres on my discs, but I recently reformatted my drive and haven't installed all the things I used to have on my drive (including my fonts). But thank you for the offer.


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