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Logos Needed!


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Hey guys,

I have a little bit of a challenge for you. I am a member of this site and I am on it everyday checking out what new logos and or uniforms you guys have come up with. Most of the work you do is very impressive. I work for a small shoe design company just outside of Boston MA. One of our clients is Claire's Accessories. It's a store in the mall for girls. They are coming out with a sports shoe line incorporating sporty logos on the shoe. I immediately thought of you guys. They are looking for something that says Soccer University or Soccer Sweetheart. They are also looking for a monkey, crown, frog, or cheerleading logo. Sad to say there is no compensation for doing this but I thought some of you might be interested. I know this isn't the same as designing a logo for the Boston Bruins but I am interested in seeing what you might come up with. Good Luck!


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