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Torch Creative - Looking for Freelancers


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Hello Creamer Fans. It's Brad and Mike at Torch Creative. We have several new athletic branding projects in the works currently and we have several more coming up. Which leads us here to start our search for freelance help. Below are a few requirements Torch is looking for.

? Ability to take a concept sketch and see it all the way through production.

? Candidate must possess fluent abilities in Adobe Illustrator and must have the ability to "clean up" a raw computer file to make ready for production purposes.

? Strong sketching skills are a plus.

? Comfortable working under tight deadlines and on multiple projects.

? Must have a keen eye for clean/classic athletic branding solutions

? Have a good understanding of the athletic branding market

? Prior Branding experience is a plus, but not required

Ideal candidates will be called upon as needed. There are busy times and slow times at Torch, so this could or could not be a consistent need.

Shoot us your portfolio at the email addresses below. No phone calls please.

Brad - brad@torchcreative.com

Mike - mike@torchcreative.com

Thanks guys, Brad & Mike

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