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New type fantasy league


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So ive been doing this Madden sim league for awhile. Its a lot of fun, and really creative. i have a created league, created teams, and all created players (normally based off a player, former and active). essentially you pick one of the teams ( i have info on al the teams, and will post them if i get interest here) and you can role play with some of the players. you can pick up free agents and really feel like a GM. as i said before, you can roleplay with your players, the better the roleplay, the more points i can add to the simmed final score. you can get up to 10 extra points for a good roleplay. or you can really on your team to cover you. Also, i create a box score, and not necessarily just copy the one form the game. (hardly any long pass TDs and Defensive TDs in the actual game) but the score wont be effected, except on your roleplay from the following week. so Message me, post here if interested. if i get some interest here ill create a website for it. thanks!


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