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Feedback requested.... A very rough draft preview of my next project, re-branding Colorado State


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I absolutely love CSU, but I think their look is tired and dated and they just really need an overhaul to wash away the last few years of forgettable football. This is a early rough draft that draws elements from many previous uniforms worn by the school through out it's history, and I will share more of my research and reasoning for some of the design elements I chose in this uniform when the whole presentation is completed, but for now I was looking for some early feedback. A couple of things to note: The horns on the helmet are placeholders for the real design, did not want to unveil it just yet (though I gotta say the skinny horn look is sorta growing on me)

There are no shoulder numbers or truly intricate designs on the uniform yet, nor is there very many theme elements apart from the new wordmark. I'm looking for feed back on the color scheme and the overall basic design of the uniform, as this will be my template going forward for this particular set. Any and all feedback is welcomed, thank you.


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Neon yellow makes it feel like Oregon Ducks. Colorado States gold would be better imo.

Again, I will get into this more at the final presentation, but CSU used to have those exact colors in the thirties, then again in the fifties after dumping orange, and up until the early nineties. So, that "CSU gold" has actually been used for a shorter period of time than the yellow gold in their scheme

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