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Campeonato Paulista de Basquete.


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Hi, my first post here...


Campeonato Paulista de Basquete is the main basketball tournament in the state of São Paulo, but I'm making new teams, using some traditional basketball cities in Sao Paulo state and major cities.


Barueri ?? - ??
Campinas Monkeys - Black & White
Osasco ?? - ??
São José dos Campos Eagles - Yellow & Blue
São Paulo Tsunamis - Blue & White
São Bernardo do Campo Tigers - Yellow & Black


Bauru Locomotives - Red & White
Franca Wizards - Green & White
Jundiaí ?? - ??
Limeira ?? - ??
Mogi das Cruzes Snakes - ??
Taubaté ?? - ??

The top two of each group face off in the best of five matches. (1RZ X 2BZ & 1BZ X 2RZ), who won more matches will be final.

Accepted suggestions for mascots for the teams, the colors also. (Where do I find a basis for the mascots? hand drawings? images? sites?)

Could anyone recommend me a good template (PSD) of shirts basketball (front and back)?

My english through Google translator, excuse the errors.

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