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  1. New College Football Uniforms

    don't know how many I-AA fans are out there, BUT the university of delaware fightin' blue hens football squad has dropped their pittsburgh-steeler-esque italicized numerals for traditional block. they look MUCH better. photo here: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dl...Category=SPORTS
  2. Next To Wear Black Shoes in NFL?

    great to hear/see the niners wearing black cleats. as a huge fan of the black I've always marveled at how bad some teams look NOT wearing black, especially those who have black as an integral part of their color scheme. The steelers, ravens, and raiders come to mind. I also agree that the packers should have made the switch long ago. damn, mike nolan is doing it right in san fran! coat and tie on the sidelines and a return to the black cleats full-time! it will be interesting to see if any other teams surprise with a switch to black, a-la washington and buffalo last season.
  3. Of course you loved those as a yankees fan.....they remind you of the time before you choked away a 3-0 series lead and the Red Sox stopped being your little bitch!! hey stamper.. the only thing the mid-80's reminded me of was BAD yankee baseball and actually having to root for the mets in the fall of 86!! thanks man, I got a good laugh out of that! (your post, NOT the mets winning!!!)
  4. I've got a feeling varitek would have LOVED the chance to sport the striped stirrups. If you're going to go throwback, GO THROWBACK. this is an unfortunate letdown. in another note, the "BOS" and "TON" were defnitely not that far apart on the original unis (as the shot of jim rice proves) with the "S" actually stitched on the placket. as a yankee fan I loved these boston uniforms (admittedly the only thing I loved about the sox!!). yes, they are almost carbon copies of the old yankee road greys (before the needless white outlining was added) but it was always the sox who looked better (on the road) because of the stripes!!
  5. HOPING varitek wears his pants at the appropriate height. as we all know, these sox unis featured their classic striped stirrups.... he's up second this inning.. we'll soon find out!!
  6. Bat-Boy/Ball-Boy styles

    gotham... paul's column didn't come close to gathering the kind of info I was talking about. I read it on the blog as well. I was thinking of digging a little deeper, gathering some of the great stories that have already come up.
  7. Bat-Boy/Ball-Boy styles

    watching the yankee-white sox game last night I noticed the white sox batboy uniforms featured their last names on the back. it was the first time I could recall seeing this from any major league team. the uniform also included the obligatory "07" for the season. I posted this on the uniwatch blog, but considering not everyone here goes "there" I wanted to offer it up on this board. I'm intrigued by the team-by-team discrepancies when it comes to how they choose to outfit their bat/ball boys. I thought it'd be interesting to compile a list of all 30 clubs and what they feature. For example: do they wear uni numbers do they go blank do they use "BB" first names or last names? pajama pants, or appropriate lenght? do they use boys, men, or women? and any others that are interesting/historic/of note. It is also an interesting fact that in the early months of the season, when school is still in session, bat/ball boys do not travel with their teams. I believe a road uniform is provided for the home team's batboy for him to hang in their dugout and do their duty. The summer months feature a travelling "home" batboy on the road. I always imagined how difficult it would be for, let's say, a die hard yankee batboy to have to put on the grey red sox road uni for a three or four game series!!! I suppose I'll get things rolling with the yankees, the team I live and die with: I cannot remember them ever wearing uni numbers at any time. Obviously names never appeared, but I do recall "BB" being used for a few seasons in the early-mid 90's. So, the batboy/ballboy jerseys are blank for both the home pinstripes and road greys. Most pants are worn pajama-style, the exception being the old left-field foul line ballboy, "skippy", who wore his pants high for years.
  8. Odd jersey choices

    went to a yankee game and saw names on authentic jerseys (in the stands, naturally). For a team that prides itself on its image it amazes me that these would even be an option. As I waded through the stands in my authentic 1938, #4, home white pinstripe jersey, I heard a kid behind me ask his dad why I didn't have a name on it and who it was. The father painfully answered that I probably didn't have enough money to get the name stiched on and couldn't come up with the only yankee to ever wear #4!! Unfortunately idiot fans abound at all ballparks. Before the yankee haters chime in, please understand that growing up a yankee fan retired number memorization is usually a rite of young passage. Getting back to the point of the thread, I believe ANY name on a yankee jersey, authentic or replica, home or away, looks incredibly foolish.
  9. NFL Huddles

    Great thread about the huddles... I had all of the huddles except the bengals... for some reason I could not find it!! I even went to the football HOF to look for them (an 8-hour ride from the NYC metro area!!) they are neatly packed in my folks basement!! as a football giant fan I hated the giant huddle.. if you remember they all had names.. the giant was "JOLLY GIANT"... ugghhh!!! I am also a giant season ticket holder and DO remember the huddle walking around the endzone for a few games in the mid-80's... I remember how it pissed my dad and grandfather off!!! It was then drilled into my head the New York Football Giants DON'T HAVE CHEERLEADERS OR MASCOTS!!! great memories!!
  10. Yankees Jackets

    I remember back in 1997 the plan was to bring back the historically accurate red backdrop to the yankee script on the satin jackets, which in my opinion look fantastic. Out of superstition (winning the '96 series) Joe Torre nixed the idea. The red has never made it into the dugout gear, BUT can be purchased. I actually saw someone in a crowd shot earlier this season wearing the red-accented jacket. It is an extremely classy look and would be a great connection to the glory days of the '40's and '50's.
  11. I love the reality of #42's being worn around the league today... love even more the name-less look to almost all the teams who usually wear them.... BUT... what a let-down to see some of the #42-clad players wearing their pants at their ankles... as I scan the early games it looks like a 50-50 split on players taking part... heard a pre-game interview with curtis granderson of the tigers stating that he always wears his pants at knee-height as an honor to Negro-league players... I figured that rationale would be used with all the athletes participating today... not the case... and by the way... am I the only one aggrivated to hear sportscasters and others state that players are "wearing their socks up".... actually the socks are always up, even though they are hidden... its the pant legs that are up, stoopid!!... sorry to veer off the path a bit... we'll see what happens in the later games today.... here's hoping that all the teams in the rained out games today will be allowed to take part in the tribute another time... ...
  12. potential turkey day throwbacks

    keeping with the NFL going back to the "Thanksgiving Classics" theme... I've always thought the entire league should wear throwbacks that weekend after turkey day... would stretch the theme another three days.. not to mention tons of sales for each organization...
  13. Two name teams

    The University of Delaware "Fightin' Blue Hens".... don't think its been mentioned... AND an northern new jersey high school.. The Teaneck Highwaymen.. one word, I know... but definitely one-of-a-kind...
  14. Steelers' new uniforms?

    BLACK CLEATS.... PLEASE..... the steelers colors beg for black cleats.. the white looks out of place... wouldn't mind grey masks either!!
  15. Uni status of DAL @ SEA?

    titans wore white at home... week 3 or 4 of the 2000 season versus the giants... fisher wanted the giants to wear blue becuase they had won in white the prior 2 weeks... tenny won.... nybatt.