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  1. Kony 2012

    The point being (and the one you've clearly missed) is that the world suffers when America suffers. Therefore, Americans do need to tend to things at home in order to better provide for the world. For example, Americans have no savings compared to our European friends. Long term we are screwed if that isn't addressed. Europeans do quite well, yet would never consider not tending to their own first. Therefore, yes, we need to be a bit more selfish. Infrastructure will never get fixed until the people rise up and change things for themselves. I'm not sure charging in like the cavalry to fix things is doing them a favor. As for your examples of owning a car or computer, needs of existing in this society cannot compare to daily existence in Africa.
  2. Kony 2012

    Americans are considered one of the most generous if not the most generous people on the planet. Whether it be on a government or personal level, getting this country healthy again structurally and financially sounds like a winning game plan for the world as a whole. A little more selfishness as a society makes sense. As for Africa, throwing money away to attack specific issues won't fix the underlying problem. Despot government is what plagues most of these nations. Former South African President Mbeki stated so back in 2004, saying at least with colonialism, infrastructure was built. Until despotism is challenged and ended, charitable donations are short-term band aids. The donation does more for the donator than it does to solve anything.
  3. Kony 2012

    I think the point is there are more effective ways of providing Africans assistance to help themselves.
  4. What search engine did you use before Google?

    Excite, Lycos and Altavista. Google has been the search engine of choice almost from their start.
  5. More proof the world is going to crap

    During, although she had already turned 18.
  6. More proof the world is going to crap

    The attitude of never dating a former student seems to have become more conservative over time. Some 30 years ago, my high school's band instructor dated and eventually married his former student. Her father was a shop teacher and assistant high school principal ~ the band instructor's boss. The father was a Korean War vet with very conservative values, yet had no problem with his daughter marrying this guy within a year of her graduation. There is much to criticize about a guy that dumps his wife for another person, student or otherwise. This teacher-student relationship isn't typical, but certainly not morally reprehensible in all cases.
  7. More proof the world is going to crap

    The parent/s of the first person had a real sense of humor. A legal change of name would seem in order. While working in pizza delivery, I've met 4 people with the last three names listed ~ 3 of them are strippers. Uniqueness isn't doing these kids a favor.
  8. More proof the world is going to crap

    The grandmother's favorite movie is ConAir? The world is going to crap.
  9. The Carolina Panthers new logo is HERE

    I find the lower jaw on the new logo distracting. It's like kitty got an injection.
  10. Joe Paterno: Dead

    They are just countering all the apologist bull you're spewing
  11. Repurposing

    The original story from years ago has been twisted a bit. Gothamite is absolutely correct. If you use a logo as a starting point, no amount of modification will ever make it yours. The "percentage" story was in relation to the comparison of two logos where neither was based off another. It was merely a figure thrown out by either a lawyer or judge (don't remember which) that the similarity couldn't exceed a certain amount. So it was an arbitrary standard used by someone to determine infringement but has no standing beyond that person's judgment.
  12. Computer Help

    Sounds like a browser redirect exploit. Antivirus might clean it up, but on occasion I've had to do a clean install.
  13. Kim Jong-il has died.

    Agreed. Dictatorships are never really a one-man show.
  14. Get a Share of the Pack

    If you wear the ring all the time, then you'd have a point. Otherwise, you just have the option of buying an exclusive replica. If I have access to the real $30K deal, I don't need the shareholder version.
  15. Get a Share of the Pack

    The sales tax is still in place. Plus, the stocks have very limited value to the purchaser. I remember the '97 discussions and the "give us the sales tax or we may relocate" rumors/undertone and feeling the same way. That said, if the people buying the stocks value them, so be it. Frankly, I think they should develop the land around Lambeau into sports-themed apartments that would provide a continual stream of income. In the end, it seems like just an expensive piece of paper. I'd rather get more for my money and do more for the team like, buy an authentic jersey.