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  1. NBA Project 32 - Timberwolves Update

    Forgive me for being a bit geographically correct, but Utah should be in the Pacific because it is more western than Denver. As for the uniform concepts, they are pretty amazing.
  2. WWE SummerSlam

    I'm happy for Punk's heel turn. But I will be surprised to see how AJ will do as new general manager of Raw. Will she be the naïve girl and give in to Punk's and Daniel Bryan's constant begging (for title shots or easy title victories) or continue the Raw GM tradition of heel authority figures?
  3. Sherman Helmsley has passed away

    I remembered Helmsley for his appearance as a Food Critic at the Good Burger on an episode of All That in the late 1990s. God Bless You Sherman Helmsley, may your legacy continue as you move on up to God's House!!
  4. 2013 World Baseball Classic

    Ryan Braun could end up playing with Israel. Giancarlo Stanton might end up playing for Puerto Rico.
  5. The Future of MLB All-Star Games

    1. Get rid of Chris Berman. 2. Joe Buck should not be announcing the all-star lineups. I loved the days when the PA announcers did it. 3. More skills competitions, like double-play, outfield arm, and speed challenges. 4. Air the Celebrity/Legends game live instead of on tape delay after the HR Derby. 5. Save the tributes and musical performances for the 7th inning stretch instead of prior to the game. 6. Move the All-Star Game to a Sunday night instead of Tuesday night. Even though teams would lose a high-attendance day, the ASG's ratings would probably go up. 7. Whoever is named to the All-Star team, and chooses to miss the ASG will have to sit-out of one regular season game.
  6. WWE Money in the Bank

    Those in bold came before 2003. I would add: -Jericho's heel turn in 2008 on the Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels -The 2005 Trial and subsequent firing of Eric Bischoff -Shawn Michaels joining the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club -The failed attempt for Triple H to join that club as well. -Christian being forced to dress up as "Captain Charisma" in 2004 -Edge wanting a divorce from Vickie Guerrero in 2009 -Eve Torres being called a "hoeski" earlier this year. -Jericho's Piper's Pit with Ricky Steamboat in 2009 -The formation of Awesome Truth -R-Truth's first promo as a heel at the 2011 WWE Draft -The 2004 Draft, which included Edge's return, Triple H being drafted to SmackDown, among others.
  7. Mayor of Columbus, OH wants NBA Franchise

    Whichever team decides to play in Columbus, they would have to pay territorial fees to the Cleveland Cavaliers (and possibly, the Indiana Pacers).
  8. WWE Royal Rumble

    With the advertisement of "everyone's able to enter the Rumble," I smell the following scenario: -Daniel Bryan loses his World Title, only to enter and win the rumble to challenge either the World Champion, or surprise everyone by challenging Punk.
  9. WWE Royal Rumble

    While Evan Bourne's suspension could most likely lead to the split of Air Boom, there is a silver lining in this: Cody Rhodes has an opponent in Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title.
  10. WWE Royal Rumble

    Knowing how WWE will move heaven and earth to silence the Internet smarks, I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled that off.
  11. WWE Royal Rumble

    He might be angry over how Laurinaitis has been running Raw lately. As COO, he would plan to overthrow him from his post. This could mean a power struggle over the next two months (example being if Laurinaitis fires someone, HHH overrules the firing).
  12. WWE Royal Rumble

    Who knows, it might be Triple H and Stephanie returning to overthrow John Laurinaitis from his GM spot.
  13. WWE Royal Rumble

    Who knows, maybe the 1/2/2012 could be Laurinaitis' "promotion" to permanent general manager. That could make CM Punk angrier, thus providing more ammo for his promos.
  14. WWE Royal Rumble

    I just hope that the January 2 return doesn't result in a debacle. But that might not happen since it's the start to WrestleMania season.
  15. WWE Survivor Series

    There is another possible ending to the Cena & Rock vs. Awesome Truth match -- a no-contest. This way, Cena and The Rock's friction rises, while Awesome Truth's conspiracy claims continue in the process.