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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Nice! This will be one of the best looking games this weekend.
  2. Indiana Pacers New Uniforms, Alternate Logos

    As a life long resident of Indiana, I can appreciate the branding but I don't care for the uniforms. These look like the result of a one night stand between the Golden St. Warriors and Marquette basketball uniforms.
  3. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Sorry for the poor quality of the screen shot, but it looks like Duke has changed the font for the numbers and player names.
  4. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Well according to Duke's Gameday post on social media they will be wearing the blue faxbacks tonight at FSU. This will be the first time blue of any template will have been worn by Duke.
  5. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Well, Let's hope they stick with the faxbacks for the home and the road for the rest of the year. It's the closet thing to classic 1990-2004 look that we'll get. I also liked last year's black uniform with white numbers and lettering better too.
  6. 2016 Schedule Posters

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, their season hasn't lived up to the headline yet.
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    These are sad. I felt like Oregon jumped the shark last season with the multiple templates and helmet decals. Now it looks like they've been devoured and thrown up by the shark. This is clearly not the Oregon I became a fan of back in 2009. I'm starting to wonder if the uniqueness and innovation of their uniforms left with Mariotta after the 2014 season. Hopefully the rest of season isn't this bad.
  8. 2016 Schedule Posters

    I'm unaware of any kind of official poster done by the program, but this is my Notre Dame poster that I designed for my own personal use.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Looks like Notre dame has changed the number font on their jerseys going to a more narrow font.
  10. Change 1 thing about your team's uniform

    Duke: Eliminate all usage of black from the road and home jerseys.The black alternate is okay.But I would want it to be limited to 3 or 4 games a year.
  11. Best college basketball jerseys

    In no particular order: Duke-Blue Michigan State-White Arizona Maryland Iowa
  12. Notre Dame Basketball

    If this has already been posted, I apologize. Notre Dame's Mens Basketball team has offically sold out to the Dark side. They wore Black uniforms in there game Saturday night against Seton Hall. At first glance these look like Navy Blue, but they are not. And according to the South Bend Tribune, they won't be going away anytime soon. Here is a link to some pictures and a link to the article saying they might be wearing these for the UConn game on Tuesday night Notre Dame in Black ND Black Uniform Photos
  13. Is there no end to all the black?!

    I can agree with this statement. Packard seemed to miss the boat on the whole Duke with their black. As a Duke fan I always tolerated the black alternate before the they started using it full time between 2000-2003. After the 02-03 season they seemed to work the blue jersey back into their regular rotation, but when they added black to the blue jerseys last year and I started to fear that black on the home jerseys wasn't far away. Sadly, my worst fears were confirmed this year.
  14. Is there no end to all the black?!

    This game was nothing more than a perfect example of two teams that have no business having black in there color schemes at all!! I was shocked that Billy Packard was criticing Nike for adding the Black jersey for Texas AND for adding the black trim to the duke uniforms. I think this was the only time I have ever agreed with anything the man has said. At least the Dukies blew them out, maybe all of this overrated talk will go away.
  15. Nike's "Revolution" continues . . .

    Those Kansas uniforms were one of the best designed uniforms in college basketball. Its a shame that they stopped using those after the 2002-2003 season.