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  1. Sorry for the poor quality of the screen shot, but it looks like Duke has changed the font for the numbers and player names.
  2. Well according to Duke's Gameday post on social media they will be wearing the blue faxbacks tonight at FSU. This will be the first time blue of any template will have been worn by Duke.
  3. Well, Let's hope they stick with the faxbacks for the home and the road for the rest of the year. It's the closet thing to classic 1990-2004 look that we'll get. I also liked last year's black uniform with white numbers and lettering better too.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, their season hasn't lived up to the headline yet.
  5. These are sad. I felt like Oregon jumped the shark last season with the multiple templates and helmet decals. Now it looks like they've been devoured and thrown up by the shark. This is clearly not the Oregon I became a fan of back in 2009. I'm starting to wonder if the uniqueness and innovation of their uniforms left with Mariotta after the 2014 season. Hopefully the rest of season isn't this bad.
  6. I'm unaware of any kind of official poster done by the program, but this is my Notre Dame poster that I designed for my own personal use.
  7. Looks like Notre dame has changed the number font on their jerseys going to a more narrow font.
  8. I agree with you on the Tostitos patches. Vizio's version last year wasn't bad, but this years logo looks like it was thrown together in 10 seconds
  9. Does anyone know why ND and Ohio State are wearing the traditional Fiesta Bowl logo patch instead of the sponsored version?
  10. Does anyone else find it a bit arrogant/premature for IU to put the Big 10 championship on their schedule? I think it's just listed as a possibility. Illinois has it on their schedule as well.
  11. I hope I'm wrong but at first glance the shoulder graphic looks like it might be the Tarheel foot logo.
  12. Those were full on tie-dye collars. I'm still not sure why those were slapped on the uniforms other than just because Nike could. Didn't they do that to a a couple more teams during that time? I think that without the tie-dye that's a great uniform. I don't know which is worse this collar or the beveled numbers (although I'm starting to come around to them since they are the only team with them...this year I'm sure there will copy cats in the coming years) florida state had some sort of collar pattern then changed to the current one...clemson had a tiger pattern but they were russell and I think auburn may have as well but don't hold me to that http://1.bp.blogspot...00/FSU Home.bmp You're forgetting the original collar from the 90s: If I remember correctly, I think A&M's collar pattern had similar elements of FSU's original collar. Just a different color. And both of these patterns were similar to Georgetown's conte pattern which was featured during the Allen Iverson era. http://www.vhkhvn.org/vhkh/leader_dev/images/Dat_Nguyen_football.jpg
  13. The helmets couldn't be anymore perfect, the pants are just awful. Right, it's such a shame because those helmets are absolutely spot on, but then they have the urine soaked burlap sack for pants. As much as I'm tired of the washed out "tan for gold" color of years past, I think going back to those for the pants is a must. i feel the opposite. those pants complete the vintage look. its a great soft, old school color. you think it would be better to match the pants and jersey gold to the helmet?? bling overload. i love those ND uniforms I wasn't a fan of the new pants either, but after being at the game last night, they look much better in person. TV doesn't do them justice. They actually do match the helmets quite well.
  14. I knew I wasn't seeing things regarding ND's pants. I think they were trying to match the newer helmets but this isn't working. I think last years pants werent perfect but better than what they have now.
  15. Why are Notre Dame's pants mustard color? They looked a lot better last year.