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  1. NBA Changes 2014-15 Season

    No thanks NBA. No thanks.
  2. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Those are FANTASTIC. Here's to hoping.
  3. New Browns uni coming 2015

    Ha Ha Hi. Good amount of basketball changes coming out. I'll leave that for another thread.
  4. New Browns uni coming 2015

    My guess is it's a factory error.Woah. That's just a bad hat.
  5. MLB Changes 2015

    I couldn't be any more with you.That's a pretty sweet logo, reminds me of the owl from "Clash Of The Titans" By the way, this is my favorite thread.
  6. Ranking NFL Helmets only

    They are playing with ideas.
  7. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    No more M.
  8. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    I'll leave you guys to it then. Have fun.
  9. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    I didn't know you hated fun? Not really bragging...It's just interesting to see how some speculation or wants/needs are spot on. I find comparing said speculation with the actuality of what a team is doing kind of fun.
  10. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    Ah. My favorite yearly thread. Love listening to the speculation and then posting the reality.
  11. Very solid uniforms. Very solid.
  12. New Carolina Hurricanes uniforms

    I thought this was the Chinese Counterfeit thread, but the released an NHL team actually gave the ok for these monstrocities.
  13. 2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    Ha. No big deal. I'm just busting chops. Sometimes they hold back things or allow information to certain companies before hand. I don't believe it was in the style guide originally.
  14. 2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    I'm looking at a new Nats cap right now. rofl Hello.
  15. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Eagles no longer doing throwback at this time.