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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    It almost as if the Royals are taking the TAHC event literally and using it as a means to float a trial balloon...
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    If I recall, there were no high numbers at all in the MLB until Carlton Fisk flipped his #27 to #72 when he joined the White Sox. At the time there was a little bit of contention, almost as if folks wondered if was breaking some rule by doing it.
  3. MLB Changes 2017

    ...or 8 players, with neither a DH or pitcher hitting.
  4. Mandela Effect

    This is a fascinating topic. So I finally found evidence of these jerseys I mentioned in an obscure youtube video. It turns out they did exist but even though I had been remembering them as white and green, they were actually green and orange (starting at the 2:00 mark):
  5. Mandela Effect

    Yes, they were loosely similar. They didn't have the same type of stripe pattern, though. The green area was mostly unbroken.
  6. Mandela Effect

    Mid 1980's, College World Series, I distinctly recall the Miami Hurricanes wearing an alternate pullover jersey that was white from the chest up and green with orange trim below. Unique as they were I wanted to go back and look them up but can't find pictures anywhere. Surprising because the CWS was in a real heyday then.
  7. Great Sports Moments Ruined by Terrible Uniforms.

    Hopefully, in the future we will look at today's shoetop length pants the way we look at sansabelts now.
  8. Hi all, I don't don't have the time to contribute here much these days but do check in from time to time. Anyway, I just saw this new tutorial on line and thought you might be interested. -LT
  9. Love the Tortugas look. However, they aren't the only baseball team named after a turtle. The Springfield Sliders of the Propsect league have this logo:
  10. Other Design Help

    "Painter" is a raster program. It is unique in that it mimics actual art media (i.e. painting with watercolors, oils, etc.) in a realistic but digital manner. Corel also has Photopaint and Paintshop Pro, which are also raster but are digital editors like Photoshop. Corel Draw, on the other hand, is the vector program similar to Adobe Illustrator. LT
  11. Washington Capitals

    I like the dome logo, except for one thing. Right now "APIT" is the only part of the word that is vertical. I would prefer the "PITA" be the only vertical part. Then it would be centered. The eagle still looks like work in progress. I don't really like the sharp thin lines defining the beak/mouth area. LT
  12. Another Astros-esque team?

    Doesn't it just make you pine for those days teams didn't resort to the gratituous use of black? LT
  13. Another Astros-esque team?

    We had that exact style of uniform on the team I played for in Colt league (or whatever it was called). It was in the 80's but we still thought they were gaudy. Sewn onto the back of the jersey was a huge blue dot with a white number . I guess there was no other non-cheap way to get the numbers on. LT
  14. Washington Baseball

    Wow, that looks sharp. Unique and eyecatching, but simple enough at the same time. Persistence pays off! I would like to also see a gray road version. LT
  15. Washington Baseball

    The DC stitches might not be a bad idea, but I think it would help a lot if they looked more like actual baseball stitches. For some reason they look like zippers to me right now. How to accomplish this I can't really say though - I am not that good drawing them myself. LT