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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    It almost as if the Royals are taking the TAHC event literally and using it as a means to float a trial balloon...
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    If I recall, there were no high numbers at all in the MLB until Carlton Fisk flipped his #27 to #72 when he joined the White Sox. At the time there was a little bit of contention, almost as if folks wondered if was breaking some rule by doing it.
  3. MLB Changes 2017

    ...or 8 players, with neither a DH or pitcher hitting.
  4. Mandela Effect

    This is a fascinating topic. So I finally found evidence of these jerseys I mentioned in an obscure youtube video. It turns out they did exist but even though I had been remembering them as white and green, they were actually green and orange (starting at the 2:00 mark):
  5. Mandela Effect

    Yes, they were loosely similar. They didn't have the same type of stripe pattern, though. The green area was mostly unbroken.
  6. Mandela Effect

    Mid 1980's, College World Series, I distinctly recall the Miami Hurricanes wearing an alternate pullover jersey that was white from the chest up and green with orange trim below. Unique as they were I wanted to go back and look them up but can't find pictures anywhere. Surprising because the CWS was in a real heyday then.
  7. Great Sports Moments Ruined by Terrible Uniforms.

    Hopefully, in the future we will look at today's shoetop length pants the way we look at sansabelts now.
  8. Hi all, I don't don't have the time to contribute here much these days but do check in from time to time. Anyway, I just saw this new tutorial on line and thought you might be interested. -LT
  9. Love the Tortugas look. However, they aren't the only baseball team named after a turtle. The Springfield Sliders of the Propsect league have this logo:
  10. Notre Dame Basketball

    I think they did wear them more than once, actually. Slightly veering from topic, but I just have to say I still loooooove that wordmark!
  11. Recolorization Goofiness

    Ouch LT
  12. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    I must admit as well that they look better in real life than on the concept illustrations. I like the colors, and the conservative design is not bad, although I think that tiger style piping is becoming a bit too much of a fad. What I don't like is the uninspired choice of font for the logo set (please don't tell me it's Times New Roman!). Still, I think the overall look of the uniform puts it squarely in the middle of the pack of MLB. Perhaps we all got disenchanted because with the horrible history of this team's identity (green notwithstanding) we expected them to come out with the Mona Lisa to make up for it. LT
  13. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    No, the problem is in regarding a uniform that resembled nothing so much as a cranberry juice-and-Drano cocktail to have been the epitome of baseball style. Seriously, I understand why human nature dictates that some folks like to bask in the warm glow of nostalgia, but the Phillies' uniforms of the 1970s were an abomination. Particularly, the "Drano Blue" road unis. To be honest, I have never been thrilled with the current or the previous Phillies uniforms - although I have always thought those zippers on the 70's jerseys were cool. LT
  14. Rays seem ready to dump Devil

    Well, I guess an admittedly weak argument can be made that the location name for the Yankees and Mets refer to the state rather than the city. By the way, what is the official name of the city? Is it just "New York" or is it technically "New York City"? LT
  15. MLB Alternative (Concept) Signatures

    TJ had some technical difficulties posting his next set, and asked me to post for him. The East, with six teams, must be split into two posts: East: NL WEST: