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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    If I recall, there were no high numbers at all in the MLB until Carlton Fisk flipped his #27 to #72 when he joined the White Sox. At the time there was a little bit of contention, almost as if folks wondered if was breaking some rule by doing it.
  2. MLB Changes 2017

    ...or 8 players, with neither a DH or pitcher hitting.
  3. Mandela Effect

    This is a fascinating topic. So I finally found evidence of these jerseys I mentioned in an obscure youtube video. It turns out they did exist but even though I had been remembering them as white and green, they were actually green and orange (starting at the 2:00 mark):
  4. Mandela Effect

    Yes, they were loosely similar. They didn't have the same type of stripe pattern, though. The green area was mostly unbroken.
  5. Mandela Effect

    Mid 1980's, College World Series, I distinctly recall the Miami Hurricanes wearing an alternate pullover jersey that was white from the chest up and green with orange trim below. Unique as they were I wanted to go back and look them up but can't find pictures anywhere. Surprising because the CWS was in a real heyday then.
  6. Great Sports Moments Ruined by Terrible Uniforms.

    Hopefully, in the future we will look at today's shoetop length pants the way we look at sansabelts now.
  7. Hi all, I don't don't have the time to contribute here much these days but do check in from time to time. Anyway, I just saw this new tutorial on line and thought you might be interested. -LT
  8. I always felt "lady" elevated and gave more dignity to the team that had the finer, less brutish gender competing. I didn't see it as patronizing, although attaching "Lady" it to a distinctively male name seemed like more an effort to just avoid having to give up an identity when women's teams came into the athletic program. I might be naive on all this though. Maybe nowadays calling out the female sex as being finer and worthy of unique respect (which I considered a compliment) is considered sexist. If so I will have to be more careful because respect does no good if it isn't perceived as respect.
  9. Love the Tortugas look. However, they aren't the only baseball team named after a turtle. The Springfield Sliders of the Propsect league have this logo:
  10. Do you like your team's current uniforms?

    Bulls: Great. No suggestions Chisox: Home fine but the aways have issues: (1)Sox logo on the cap and sleeve is redundant; bring back diamond-sock patch back (2) the pant stripe no longer matches the sleeve trim. (3) I would like to see the wordmark include a tail with "White Sox" spelled out inside it, as they did with their powder blues in the 1970's. Bears: Very good. Creativity without rules to give it context is chaos, and all the panels, swooshes, etc. on NFL uniforms these days is chaos. The Bears remain simple and strong. For me, perfect would be to return to the even simpler Butkus uniforms,
  11. I used to look forward to these coming out each year. They had logos and either illustrations or verbal descriptions of the uniforms. American League Red Book National League Green Book
  12. NFL 2060 Uniforms

    These are pretty nice uniforms - for today. I really like the Baltimore set, the white Pittsburgh uniforms, and the both Seattle jerseys (although with a different number font). Fifty years from now - I don't think we could possibly imagine what's that far ahead.
  13. Arizona Wrangler pants

    That was such an odd episode in sports business history. I don't how the legalities played into everything, but if I were the Wranglers I would have challenged to league to give me the right to the red jerseys on the grounds I was not the 1983 franchise in the first place. If anyone as old as me recalls, in 1984 the Chicago Blitz and Arizona Wranglers swapped cities. The Blitz moved to Arizona and became the Wranglers and vice versa. Essentially, the 1984 Wrangers were really the 1983 Blitz, and guess what? The 1983 Blitz wore RED!! Pardon the extreme focus I give this. I was a hardcore Blitz fan and they were one of the elite teams in the new league. It wasn't pleasant to see them leave only to be replaced with what had been an also-ran in Arizona LT
  14. Chicago White Sox

    This is my opinion, and NOT intended to block creativity. I feel that the typestyle used in the primary logo NOT necessarily needed to extended beyond that logo. Nor the diagonal placement for that matter. The Sox primary logo is in caps and lower case. This particular font (Old English or similar) NEVER lends itself to professional design and legibility when used with ALL CAPS. Even if this example represents initials. Ever follow a car with the owner's name or nickname in Old English, all caps, usually on a curve, on their rear window? Illegible and easily categorized as "low rent" An additional example of where capitalization of similar fonts are overused would easily be found at your nearest biker bar on various tattoos. Even on a tramp stamp on a relatively hot chick, it's "low rent" Again, IMHO something I would not want associated with my favorite baseball team! Is it just me or is your signature image rather ironic in this thread?
  15. Horse/Chargers Logo

    Illini West (Carthage): great great football tradition. You better make an outstanding logo to do justice to the success that program has had...