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  1. Name That Font!

    What font is this?
  2. Templates Requests

    He made that in Adobe After Effects. And that's a jersey, btw.
  3. Miller Sports Network

    I just did the colors he asked for. And I like the Wave, cause to me, it looks nice, and he likes it so yeah. But thanks for your oppinion.
  4. Miller Sports Network

    This is a fake broadcasting tv station. Its for a simulation football league, and the team decided to make up their own tv station for their tv deal to make money. And I designed the logo, here it is... C&C please
  5. Boston Massacre

    I was pretty bored, and I made this logo and wordmark... C&C Please. Logo- Wordmark-
  6. players in fantasy uniforms

    I doubt it, but is there some sort of tutorial for this?
  7. players in fantasy uniforms

    What tool do you use? Cause I have Photoshop, and I can't do that kind of stuff.
  8. players in fantasy uniforms

    sorry, posted twice.
  9. players in fantasy uniforms

    What program do you use to change the stripes, colors, numbers, etc.?
  10. New Sigs...

    I will post the Vick one, as soon as I get the old falcons (or new, either one) logo in vector form.
  11. New Sigs...

    If someone would, can I get a link for the vector files for the teams logos, cause I don't have all the NFL logos vectored.
  12. New Sigs...

    I suppose I can take requests .
  13. New Sigs...

    Look at my signature...
  14. A quick Bruins alt

    I like it...nice job.
  15. South Alabama Football

    The leopard spotted one has GOT to go. But I like the others.