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  1. Name That Font!

    What font is this?
  2. Templates Requests

    He made that in Adobe After Effects. And that's a jersey, btw.
  3. wallpaper

    Any chance I can get one of Drew Weatherford, Leon Washington, or Lorenzo Booker of Florida State? If so, that would be fantastic.
  4. Illustrator Help

    How do I import true text files (.ttf) into adobe illustrator cs2???
  5. Illustrator Help

    My Adobe Illustrator CS2 won't open up...It says "runtime has been terminated" what does that mean??? And how do I fix it???
  6. San Francisco Thunder Sharks

    This is only the logo, but what do you all think???
  7. making logos

    I use Adobe Illustrator CS2 ...
  8. Georgia Devils...

    No that is accually a good idea ...
  9. Georgia Devils...

    Something really wierd goes on, and I can't make perfect lines, but here it is...
  10. Cavalry or Pioneer logos?

  11. Cavalry or Pioneer logos?

    If your looking for a cavalry logo, I have one from an indoor football league... Wyoming Cavalry
  12. Chicago Cubs Concept

    To comment on what else you (SouthSidePride) said...This is a whole new Cubs, not the old "C" style ...
  13. Chicago Cubs Concept

    For one, it only took about 10 minutes, to do the other wordmark...And it turned out, I like a cursive look more...
  14. Chicago Cubs Concept

    Is that good?!?
  15. Chicago Cubs Concept

    Okay, it has been a while, but I finally finished it...What do you guys think?