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  1. These are very nice! I would suggest just one adjustment... I would say make all of the yellow striping the pyramid-style striping. The logo is fantastic, as well!
  2. Really love the two Warriors logos.. not so much Potomacs (guess its the name?) or Senators. The second Warriors logo gets a 9/10 from me... shaping it in a W would be awesome.
  3. These are amazing! What tools do you use to re-color the uniforms?
  4. I like it.. my thoughts: You need a green helmet! Don't just use it as a very small accent. Use it more as a secondary color.
  5. Here's something I'm currently working on for a friend. Comments, critiques?
  6. Updated in the original post.. how's that one look?
  7. I can see about outlining the football... Pro Football Simulator is only the best simulation football program out there! He is constantly updating it (for free!) with new features monthly. Its great, you should check out the league I run using the program If you like the program, feel free to purchase it using the link provided on my website.
  8. I've been working with Brooks Piggot (Programmer/Creator of Pro Football Simulator) for a long while now (I produced all the helmets in the game currently and I'm working on over 150 more to add to it) and now I'm beginning to work on a new logo for him. Here is one concept I have done so far. Very simple, but he loved it (and that's all that matters to him lol): Image Removed. C&C?
  9. i could mate and i will if you are interested, unfortunately, i use a lot of 3rd party plugins. So it may require extra investment for it to be useful. I use magic bullet looks and video copilot optical flares. That would be awesome, if you could. Also, could you let me know where you got the plugins?
  10. Davidson, let me start by saying I love all of your work. Now to my question... I just recently got After Effects CS5 (yes, I'm aware of 5.5 coming out soon, but I couldn't wait), and I was wondering if you could please do a tutorial on how you do your logo presentation in AE. But a slow one, not this quick one (because then I could just use one of the current tutorials, but they're not helping me too much with that).
  11. If you're still doing these, could I get the Adrian Clayborn picture from here For xbox 360.
  12. Figured I would post these here. I couldn't figure out how to do the texture (what appears to be paint splatter) on the players like Brees has done to him in the real cover. Any help with that would be great. Also, I don't know if I will be taking requests for these. I only have the 360 front if I do. Eli Manning (feat. the new stadium and the David Tyree catch against the Pats): Patrick Willis (feat. the to-be stadium and Michael Crabtree breaking a tackle against Chicago): Also, I had to enlarge the pictures (couldn't find any ones this size, lol) Sorry if it looks distorted. C&C is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Like I said, I didn't make all the logos. If its something used in real life, I didn't make it. Just used their chosen logo on the uniforms. I mainly made wordmarks and alternative logos for most teams.
  14. D.C. Conspiracy: Home: Away: Washington Commandos: Home: Away: And here's another (hopeful) expansion team for 2011 that I made. Montreal Lynx: Home: Away: