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  1. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Jim Zorn with the Cowboys and the Packers.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    Are there safety concerns with zippers? It seems like I read that somewhere once upon a time. Like how Kevin Plawecki ended up with an imprint of his necklace courtesy of Noah Syndergaard.
  3. New Vikings Uniforms

    Mmmm...Cake helmet.
  4. Browns Changes Confirmed

    And what's with some teams still wearing belts for crying out loud? Those elastic waistbands with the snaps look so much better.
  5. Vikings to get unis?

    i'm sure the literal FLAME HEADS in tennessee would go over really well. i'd pay to watch those games. I think if your team is named after an animal, you should allow that specific animal to be one of the players on your team. So, maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars could have a real Jaguar at linebacker. Let's see someone run away from that! I'd like it if the Packers are allowed to carry meat cleavers I'm so hosed... No way. There were plenty of saints who were also fearsome warriors. You might think about signing St. Michael the Archangel, who fought many battles against evil. Also, his supernatural abilities would definitely be an advantage. The same goes for the Cardinals. Plenty of them were tough guys. In fact, as a Cards fan and former Valley resident, I think forcing Bill Bidwill to give operational control to Pope Alexander VI would be a welcome change. He was the patron of the notorious Borgia family and renowned for his cutthroat ability to get what he wanted. Sure, he's been dead for 500 years, but it would be a definite upgrade over the current management. As for the Ravens, a head coach with Edgar Allan Poe's imagination might liven up the offense a bit.
  6. Broncos white in '86?

    The pics are in the .pdf, if that's what you're asking about.
  7. Broncos white in '86?

    Here's a website that has extensive information on the Broncos' uniform history. Now, some of the information on this site contradicts the athlegraphics database. For example, the endzone site states that the Broncos wore orange pants with their white jerseys from '68-'71 and in '78 and '79. Athlegraphics only shows the orange pants in '68 and '78. The endzone site offers some footnotes to support their claim on this, as well as pictures of each year's uniform. But Craig Wheeler does a great job with Football Uniforms P&P, so its an unclear situation. Now the key piece of information, when the Broncos wore white at home, is not addressed on the endzone site. HOWEVER, check the .pdf of the 1980 uniforms. This purports to show the Broncos wearing white in 1980 against the Chargers. San Diego wore white at home during this era. I can't tell from the background where the picture was taken, but this might demonstrate that the Broncos wore white at home against the Chargers in 1980. Of course there are a number of other possibilities. Edit: Further digging shows that the Broncos did beat Dallas 41-20 in Week 2 of the 1980 season at home. The next week, they lost 30-13 at home to the Chargers. Could it be that Reeves thought white at home was lucky after beating Dallas and wore them the next week against the Chargers? Or did he just think he could throw off Air Coryell by making them wear the jerseys they seldom used?
  8. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    There are so many bad ones on ebay, but this one really got my attention. Doesn't look much like any of the Tarkenton jerseys on M&N's webpage.
  9. Cleveland Browns

    Close. His name was Al Lerner and he died in 2002. He was the owner of the new Browns. Here's an story. And J. Quincy is right about his role in the original Browns move to Baltimore. The two sides signed the deal on his private plane.
  10. '08 Olympic Mascots unveiled

    I wonder what would happen if the IOC pulled an NCAA move and required the organizers to get permission from the Tibetan people to use a Tibetan antelope as a mascot? Doesn't seem too likely since Jacques Rogge was gushing over them.
  11. Portis fined for non-uniform uniform

    The NFL threatened Peyton with a whopping $25,000 fine if he wore the black shoes. The league also dictated that only the Ravens could wear patches or armbands (and apparently black hightops) to memorialize Unitas.
  12. College Football Week 10

    Texas Tech wore red pants. One tiny pic available. You're right Vctrz. My bad.
  13. VT Futuristic Jerseys Again?

    There's some teams that can look ugly and get away with it. SJSU can't do that because they freakin' suck. IIRC, SJSU asked for something that would give them "street cred" when they got those uniforms. They were supposed to help recruiting. Yes, you do have to win to recruit. On that note, Tech is now down 27-0. We'll see if the harlequin suits survive a home field beat down.
  14. Making A Number For Themselves

    At least one coach (football power De La Salle HS in CA, maybe?) won't let his players wear single-digit numbers. He wants to make sure even the jersey numbers have to work together on his team.
  15. Making A Number For Themselves

    Technically, book, magazine and newspaper, etc. titles are italicized. Titles of articles or chapters in the aforementioned publications go in quotation marks. So do song, movie, or TV titles, though album titles are italicized. Underlining is an acceptable substitute for italicizing.