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  1. perfesser

    Mid-season Uniform/Logo Changes

    Also from the 1978 NFL preseason, the Falcons in their 1977 uniforms against the Jets in their new helmets/old jersey and pants.
  2. perfesser

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    Apex One Starter Converse
  3. perfesser

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Jim Zorn with the Cowboys and the Packers.
  4. perfesser

    MLB 2016 Changes

    Are there safety concerns with zippers? It seems like I read that somewhere once upon a time. Like how Kevin Plawecki ended up with an imprint of his necklace courtesy of Noah Syndergaard.
  5. perfesser

    Football sleeve stripes that go all the way around

    Byron Maxwell wears loose sleeves.
  6. perfesser

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    I'm sure this uniform was posted somewhere in the depths of this thread, but just as a reminder, brown jerseys with orange numbers and a white "upshadow" do have a short-lived historical precedent. Of course, one should also consider that the team did not stick with this particular design.
  7. perfesser

    1982 NFL merchandise

    I had four of those helmets. (Dolphins, Packers, Falcons, Chiefs) They met NOCSAE standards at the time for under-12, as the ad states. The interior padding was held in with adhesive. The decals were rather cheap, however.
  8. perfesser

    College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    As you say, it appears that Louisville has essentially eliminated black (a school color) in favor of gray. What does that say about the future of GFGS vs. BFBS?
  9. perfesser

    2014-2015 College Basketball

    Not to mention both teams have a red stripe of approximately the same size on each side, plus red numbers and white names on back. It's rather difficult to follow.
  10. perfesser

    Retro college Football unis

    where are #1 stripes?Tear away jersey. The 1970s version of today's hard-to-grab material.
  11. perfesser

    Helmet Finish Related to Safety?

    I would be interested to know if matte helmets have any impact on the frequency of neck injuries. Teams stopped using helmets with soft external padding because they believed the friction created by the soft padding meant more "grabbing" on impact and less "sliding." I don't know if this was ever proven and I certainly don't know if the differences in helmet finishes would be significant enough to cause a similar effect.
  12. perfesser

    Hilarious Facemask

    Steve Young had pretty good mobility with that mask. Just ask the Vikings.
  13. perfesser

    NBA Changes 2013-14 Season

    Heat-pressed means no stitching to rub against the players' skin, which was one of adidas' goals. Uni Watch story on rev 30 jerseys
  14. perfesser

    Have the Cowboys ever worn dark jerseys at home?

    Of course they lost Super Bowl V (pictured above, a game in which they were designated the home team), as a further example. But they did blitz a good Rams team 28-0 in the 1978 NFC Championship game wearing blue, so they weren't always bad luck.
  15. perfesser

    Riddell no longer the Official Helmet of the NFL

    If the NFL doesn't allow manufacturers' names on the bumpers, the makers will have more incentive to design helmets and facemasks that are "distinctive" in appearance.