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  1. Favorite Basketball Uniforms

    The Syracuse unis there are exactly what's wrong with recent design in all sports. What's with the silver/gray? It was never a school color nor it should be.
  2. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    hawk36....How are the Sonics doing? Well, the Jazz are looking pretty good for next season. The new unis are awesome and Jazz fans love them. Gordon Hayward and Al Jefferson should be a nice additions to the team and will definitely help them contend in the West. Now how about those Sonics who did they pick up this off seson? What about the draft? Okay, now shut up and go back in your :censored:ing hole.
  3. College Football Uniforms 2010-2011

    Buffs should go back to that. What was wrong with that? The stuff they have been wearing lately sucks. I'll never understand the need to fix someting that is'nt broken.
  4. Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

    guy, honestly I just love breaking your balls.
  5. Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

    2 time NBA MVP
  6. Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

    Baron Davis? Really? Okay. It's your top 5 not mine or anybody else's in the entire planet. You ever heard of Jason Kidd,Tyreke Evans and Chauncey Billups. That would put him 9 at best.Don't forget Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook who I would put slightly above him that puts Davis out of the top 10 and you have him in the top 5. Dude how's his snausage taste? Sorry I forgot half of this board are polesmokers anyways.
  7. Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

    After Rondo withdrew or was cut depending on what sources you believe alot of debate has gone on as to who was the best PG on Team USA or who was the right fit for the International Game. Obviously Rose's skills make him a beter fit than Rondo but I'm not sure how I see Westbrook being a better fit than Rondo as Westbrook is also a poor shooter. So with all that being said everybody give me your top 5 PG's in the NBA today. Here are mine.... 1. Chris Paul- when healthy I don't even think it's close 2. Deron Williams - Great size makes it difficult for other PG's to guard him 3. Derrick Rose- Is improving his shooting and if that keeps up he is unguardable 4. Steve Nash- Still one of the best PG's in the game with a true pass first menatlity 5. Rajon Rondo- While not your convential PG beacause he will make the untimely turnover now and again and does'nt shoot great but runs the team well with a great overall floor game as well as unbelieveable athletic ability and a knack for rebounding as a small. Obviously being a Celtic fan I like Rondo but am willing to concede as some Celtics fans won't that he is not the best PG in the game and has a long way to go before he is however I just can't see how they took Westbrook over him. My only guess is that it was the size factor as Westbrook has the ability to play the 2 and Rondo does'nt.
  8. Divorcing a team due to uniform disgust

    Bengals? not the Pats how did that happen?
  9. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    Ice Cap thank you very much for basically putting end to it. No cities are switching names. Game Over.
  10. Divorcing a team due to uniform disgust

    Not really being a fan of the team has many different dynamics. Sometimes it's the players. Sometimes it's the city and sometimes it's has a little to do with the laundry.
  11. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    Wasatch I'm telling you did'nt you see the link I posted the Vegas group has an NBA team under contract provided the local Vegas committee approves the construction.
  12. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    Could'nt be any worse than New Orleans as far as basketball goes.
  13. Divorcing a team due to uniform disgust

    seahawk9 I feel what you are saying 100%. I would'nt say I stopped rooting for my hometown teams because of it. However there are other teams that I liked other than my home teams that I lost interest in because of a horrible uniform change.
  14. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    I'm just going by actual news I've seen and I saw an article saying there is a guy who is willing to build a stadium with alot of his own money in Las Vegas. Seattle no such news. I think they are looking for money from the public for infrastructure My link
  15. The Cornucopia of Possible NBA Logo Changes

    Seattle has not shown that they are willing to build a new stadium and that would kill any chance of them landing a team. Las Vegas has a guy who is ready to build right now. I'm all for the return of the Sonics but are the politicians in Seattle ready to deal.