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  1. Pitt joined the Big East in 1982 3 years after it was started with Georgetown,St.John's,Providence and Syracuse inviting Uconn,Seton Hall,BC,Holy Cross and Rutgers to join. Rutgers and Holy Cross actually declined at that point. Villonova came along the following year in 1980.
  2. Pitt is such a staple of Big East Basketball it would be tough for them to leave. Syracuse,Pitt and Georgetown that is Big East Basketball. This is more than just CFB and the BCS.
  3. Can anyone honestly say that there is a better canidate than Notre Dame. I know they want to keep their independent status but if I was the Big Ten I would do everything I could to bring them on board. I've heard Missouri is looking to jump at the chance to join the Big Ten and if they did a perfect replacement for them in the Big 12 would be TCU.
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