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  1. WWE Logos Thread

    https://twitter.com/BigELangston/status/431625908303454209/photo/1 Logo is now on the shirts. My guess is that the change will be official after Mania or even elimination chamber.
  2. Boombah.com?

    No personal experience myself, but A LOT of the softball teams in my area buy from them and they all have top quality hats, jerseys, pants, etc. I wouldn't worry that they aren't legit.
  3. Budweiser bowtie-shaped can

  4. "ICE" hockey logos

    Bozeman Icedogs Fairbanks Icedogs
  5. Adidas sorta-camo; or: AAAAUUUGGGHHH! YOUR EYES!

    Obviously awful, but I could handle it if it wasn't for the NCAA Tournament. You'd think the players, coaches, and schools would rather be represented with their normal attire when people are actually watching them.
  6. Vintage College Mascot Logos

  7. Super Bowl XLVII

    That's my favorite field ever. Looks so cool, the sidelines too.
  8. Post Jackie Robinson's 42 from Around the Majors

    How it's done at the cell in left field... And Robinson is on his own on the right field wall.
  9. 2013 MLB Logo and Uniform Changes

    Where was this confirmed?
  10. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Philip Humber was given his Perfect Game ring today. No good pictures of the ring itself though. Pierzynski given a bronze mask trophy for his role in the perfecto.
  11. NBA "Likely" going to advertisement on jerseys

    Yes it is. This is a sports/logos website. Not a place to look for advertisements on athletic clothing.
  12. NBA "Likely" going to advertisement on jerseys

    Looks like I'll be watching even less NBA than usual. And if all 4 pro sports ever do this , I'm done watching them as well and I'll become a die hard NCAA sports fan. you NBA.
  13. Santa Cruz Warriors unveil logo (NBA D-League)

    I'm from Bismarck (former home of the Wizards). Team was around for 15 + years, tough to see them go.
  14. Legit site?

    Look at the White Sox road uniforms and that will tell you all you need to know.
  15. Favorite MLB ballparks

    Of ones I've been to it goes like this 1. Jacobs Field- they let you in very early to walk around the park and to watch batting practice, the little hall of fame is pretty neat too. 2. US Cellular- Homer pick as I'm a Sox fan but I have sat in all areas of the park and haven't had a bad view. Old shower and statues in Center are pretty cool to check out too. 3. Target Field- I went there in 2010 and it's a nice ballpark but I was expecting something more with it. People here in ND really hyped it up and it was no better than The Cell. 4. Safeco- This park had a feeling of being just outdated. The walkways are huge there, which is another perk of US Cellular that I like that Target Field doesn't. They have a really nice fanshop there too. 5. Metrodome- nothing that hasn't been said already I plan on going to Miller Park, Comerica, and Kaufmann this summer.