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  1. This is the first time the Browns will wear orange pants since week 10 of the 2004 season, which was against the Steelers (James Harrison recorded his first sack in this game).
  2. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LI

    Will the Super Bowl XLV field (and XLVI-XLVIII) be resized to match the size of the previous 44 Super Bowls?
  3. NFL Changes 2014+

    Speaking of the Rams, have they worn their gold pants since the Nike change?
  4. Least used mascots in pro sports

  5. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LI

    Do the footballs on both 35 yard lines on the Super Bowl XIV field read "Official Peter Rozelle?"
  6. All-Sports Championship Signature Images

    Could you make a 1968 Pittsburgh Pipers ABA Championship signature please?
  7. LA Kings/NY Rangers Hybrid Logo

    Yeah, I forgot to mention it's just a crappy/fast job in Paint. I just thought of this idea and wanted a quick representation.
  8. This was inspired by the Mavericks/Heat hybrid logo that appeared on this board in 2011. Just a crappy/fast job in MS Paint (lol). X.
  9. Why is the patch on the left shoulder instead of the right shoulder? The patch is regularly on the wearer's right side so wouldn't it go on the right shoulder?
  10. Do the New York Giants have a "New York" wordmark or have they used one in the past? Something like this with the other letters using the same font as the "NY" logo:
  11. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    The Rangers also changed the button on their blue hat from red to blue, and the button on their red hat from blue to red. I wonder why? Before (left), after (right, and bottom).
  12. Does a high resolution image of this old conference championship game logo (picture is from 2000) exist like the others on this site?
  13. Super Bowl XLVIII Field Concepts

    Has anyone ever made a "Super Bowl field database" before? I have saved all the fields from XL-XLVII from this board.
  14. This is a little bit off topic but when did the Texans last wear red socks with blue pants? Was it during the 2008-2009 season?
  15. Have the Cowboys ever worn the non-double star jersey at home? It seems like that's the only colored jersey they've ever worn at home.