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  1. Suppli Font,

    nope because its a type developed specifically for my friends brand suppli.
  2. Suppli Font,

    Hey guys I recently started a project for a new font called Suppli, it was derived from the Pelicans logo, but will include different weights, right now I have posted the Bold weight for visual purposes, what do you guys think?
  3. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Thank you,Thank you.
  4. Templates Requests

    None of those Vector links work. Am I crazy?
  5. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Yeah, almost every counselor I've seen has attended the school, another private school, or from another state, same for professors, never really paid attention to the other part being a rivalry. Exactly my approach, trying to update and give it a look that EVERYONE wants to wear. I am a little stuck currently, because the look I am trying to create, I want to able to create the uniforms and so forth cohesively. Right now just a bit on the stuck end.
  6. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Thank you thank you, so far looks like the logo works well, may as well try the wordmark next.
  7. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Exactly my thought process, I see all the construction, and I realize, they are growing and fast, and I saw the logo, and went, this could grow into something even better.
  8. Fighting Squirrels

    I love the little tail in the Jersey very clever. Curious, on the chest, is that supposed to be a perfect circle? I love the little guy though, one of the best Squirrels I've seen and you executed very well.
  9. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Thanks for the little words, I have another eye I have been debating, along with a miniature update coming up shortly
  10. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Correct, which is why I am working on a package to approach the school with, maybe be rewarded in a scholarship type of deal.
  11. Grand Canyon University ReBrand

    Just want to get some pointers, Not quite sure where the shadows hit correctly, so forth. Below is the Current logo, and my ReBrand approach... Update #2
  12. new logo for my blog

    Thank you good sir, Boredom is a man's friend at times.
  13. new logo for my blog

    I like it (we started last year), you don't mind if I use this once you fix the year do you? Not at all, Let me know what you need, size wise and stuff, I wouldn't mind helping at all, throw it on my Folio. I hope I'm not asking for too much but here goes (in px): 200x200 500x500 (this is the only "must do" size, the others are to make scaling easier) 1000x1000 and a fav icon Mind if I ask what font that is? Also, maybe an .svg file would be better if you can then I can make my own sizes. 200 500 1000 I also Messaged you my email to provide you the Font and SVG File.
  14. new logo for my blog

    Not at all, Let me know what you need, size wise and stuff, I wouldn't mind helping at all, throw it on my Folio.
  15. new logo for my blog

    I don't know the year you started so if you like it enough I can replace the XXXX with the year ETC. This was my other idea.