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  1. Groucho

    World Cup 2006 Shirts

    Primal I think the home strip in the photo must be a supporters shirt and not an official team shirt. I believe the Coat of Arms may only be used with permission from the Commonwealth Government and is not to be used commercially. Therefore the C of A only appears on official team uniforms and supporter's replica outfits bear a generic or altered C of A. I have noticed the Wallabies jersey has a Rugby ball on the shield for supporters and the replica guernseys from the International Rules series had a blank shield on them. Good to see a return to 1974 style uniform and losing those ugly numbers in a circle.
  2. Groucho

    Two Team Cities

    With the Evil Empire (aka Port Adelaide Power) winning the AFL Grand Final I am curious how team support works in US cities with two teams. As an Adelaide Crows supporter, and for historical reasons too complicated (long!) to go into here,I could not bring myself to support the Power in the Grand Final even though they claim to represent South Australia. My question is ... Would a New York Mets fan support The NY Yankees in the World Series? Would a Chicago White Sox fan support the Chicago Cubs? How about New York Islanders and Rangers? Do fans support teams from their city or is the other team your mortal enemy? On a lighter note, notice I said support and not "root for" as this term has an entirely different meaning in my country. We tend to use the term barrack. The younger generation now say "go for" as in who do you go for? Any replies would be appreciated. Also my true passion is for Central District Bulldogs in the SANFL which you would probably term as Minor League compared to AFL. Hey, I go with what I grew up with.
  3. Groucho

    Glenelg Logo

    rmered I have wondered this same thing myself as I live in South Australia and follow the SANFL. When I first saw CFL logos I noticed the similarity between Glenelg and the Tiger Cats logo. If my memory serves me correctly, the SANFL teams had official logos designed in 1975 to coincide with the introduction of colour television. Up until this time logos weren't standard or official (read licensed) and there were lots of different ones used. each team has an official logo and what I would call a cartoon or caricature logo. To summarise if the Tiger Cats were using their logo prior to 1975 then it is Glenelg who become copy cats instead of Tigers:)
  4. Groucho

    Logo & uniform wanted. please!

    Thank you very much GMac, you are a legend! This is just the type of logo I was looking for. I like the 3rd one with the red text the best. If it's not too much trouble I would like to see what 49erfan's idea would look like. Brilliant design though. Once again, thank you for your talent and effort, I appreciate that you took the time to answer my request. To the other posters,thanks for all the other suggestions as well, you have all been most helpful. 49erfan please make wordmark for me of NY/NJ Knights logo. You blokes are the best!
  5. Groucho

    Logo & uniform wanted. please!

    One more try. Bump!! ???
  6. Groucho

    Anyone seen black crows logo?

    I seem to remember a logo for a baseball team which depicted a mean looking black crow wearing a bowler or derby hat smoking a cigar and maybe holding a baseball bat. I thought I found this on the Negroleagues webpage but have been unable to find it lately. Does anyone else remember this logo or maybe I dreamt the whole thing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ???
  7. Groucho

    Ideas wanted!

    As a newcomer to posting in this group and as someone with no artistic ability at all I offer the following suggestions Assault: I agree with Rozilla74 a cannon would be a good emblem. Perhaps an outline of a castle or fort. The main one I was thinking of would be a castle or rook from the game of chess. Running Raiders: A pair of shoes is the best I can come up with for this one. The Program: A TV set or PC Monitor. Maybe a generic helmet or an emblem similar to NBA or MLB.
  8. G'day Mates. Greetings from Australia. Long time reader, first time poster :cool: I have a team in Fantasy Football 2003 (not bad for an Aussie who has no idea about "Gridiron"). The league is FFL Australia I was wondering if anyone would be able to kindly provide (read free of charge) a logo and uniforms for my team Chesser Knights. Apologies if this is bad protocol. Colour choice is yours, the only rule is that I hate Black and White together, anyone who follows Australian Football will know why, especially SANFL. I have been using their generic helmet in black with red font. Only reason was I have seen Rutgers emblem and thought all Knights team would usually be these colours. Unless someone can suggest how to "borrow" the use of official logos without the team names in them. Thanks for any help that can be provided. John.