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  1. crustin

    Los Angeles Rams

    So great.
  2. crustin

    Columbus Blue Jackets: Branding and Identity

    These are great.
  3. crustin

    NBA logo concepts: Sacramento Kings

    Great work.
  4. crustin

    Nike Vapor Untouchable Template PSD
  5. crustin

    NFL Color Rush uniforms - nfc West added 12/1/15

    Great Job!! Can't wait to see the rest.
  6. crustin

    Nike Basketball Template *SVG Download*

    Wonderful!! What program was this on?
  7. crustin

    CONCEPT81: Milwaukee Bucks

  8. crustin

    NFL Player Infographic (Garoppolo/Tebow)

    Wow this is great!
  9. crustin

    Fixing the Browns

    Much better
  10. crustin

    Nashville MLS Concept

    The colors pop very well. Very nice sets and crest.
  11. crustin

    Atlanta Braves Uniform Concept

    Nice set of uniforms. I see nothing wrong with them.
  12. crustin

    The Kansas City Royals

    Love it! 10/10
  13. crustin

    TylerG's NHL (Islanders Alternate! Updated 9-5)

    PHI: looks great. Caps: I feel the stars need to go above the bird.
  14. crustin