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  1. Name: Hal Boyer Age: 47 Bio: Boyer was born on August 15, 1922 in Albany, New York to a middle class family. He became enamored by all sorts of sports as a child (particularly Markball), but lacked the athleticism to play it. He was, however, easy going and friendly, to the point when radio was invented and listening to sports broadcasts on the radio, decided he could instead become an announcer for Markball games. Thus, he became the radio voice of the New York Knights when they joined the NAML in 1949, and has since become perhaps the most respected play-by-play man in all of Markball. Top Three Cities: 1. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco is too big of a market at this point to not get an NAML team, plus it would provide the LA Guardians an in-state rival. 2. Houston, TX: Similar to San Francisco, Houston is too big to pass up and would help make Markball more popular in the south. 3. Cincinnati, OH: Cincinnati may not be as big of a market as Boyer's other votes, but the fanbase sounds decent enough to warrant a chance at supporting an NAML franchise, especially in a state where the league has no presence currently. Realignment Plan: Eastern Division: Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington Western Division: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco
  2. I was hoping the Knights would win at least one playoff series, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Here's hoping Toronto can pull off the upset, seeing as the Bandits have had their turn in terms of dominance. Also, are real life leagues like the NFL, MLB, etc in the Markball universe, or are they replaced with fictional versions? Can't wait for the expansion council!
  3. Wow, talk about some upsets! Anyway, what are the names of the other major professional sports leagues in the AFA universe? I remember Will Silver last playing in the American Basketball League (ABL), which I assume is this universe's equivalent for the NBA, but what are the names of the Baseball Leagues in the AFA universe? And what would this universe's equivalent of the NHL be called? Can't wait to see how the rest of the playoffs unfold and the new branding for the Rebels (Assuming they change their name of course).
  4. Oof, I wasn't expecting the USFA to fold like that, but then again, that's what you get for allowing a jerk like O'Malley to own a team. Anyway, are the Whales still trying to move to that new stadium in Oakland? What's the name of that stadium? I'm looking forward to 1991, and the Rebels' new name and branding (Although we probably won't see it until next offseason obviously, but you get the picture)!
  5. I was hoping 2006-07 would be the year for the Cosmos or Civics, and wouldn't you know, neither team made the playoffs. Oh well, here's hoping for an Edmonton-Boston Cup Final. Also, will there be any more women to own PHL teams in the future (Like either from inheriting one from one of the current owners or possibly buying some financially struggling team), or will the owner of the Quebec Nationale have to hold that torch for the time being? I'll be looking forward to the Lewis Cup Playoffs!
  6. Wow, the Stallions' new look is incredible! Especially the more fitting Wordmark! No complaints there, and I can't wait to see what other teams have updated looks! And while I am late to the party in terms of bringing this up, it sucks to see the USFA fold, as I thought it was interesting, but I understand that nixing it to lighten your workload was necessary. I'll be looking forward for the 1991 offseason and any other potential new logos and uniforms!
  7. It's nice to have you back, Hawkfan! I'll be looking forward to seeing how the 2006-07 season goes (Hopefully the Civics or Cosmos can represent the Eastern Conference in the Lewis Cup Finals), and congratulations on the newest addition to your family!
  8. Here's hoping my Guardians can win the Victory Bowl again, although I personally want the Hurricanes to at least keep it close. Also, I have a few questions: 1. Have there been any African American owners in the AFA yet? Unless Milwaukee Wolves owner Tommy Danson is African American himself, but then again, MBurmy may know that better. 2. Speaking of Danson, if the rumors about him getting the league to buy out the Rebels are true, then what will the Atlanta franchise be renamed? Will it depend on who takes over the team? I admittedly would have suggested Engineers as their name back when they began playing in 1968 (As in train engineers, with Atlanta at one point being a railroad town and what not), but then again, that probably would have just encroached on the Philadelphia Railers' branding. 3. This question is probably more or less meant for Raymie, but are Blake Mitchard and Stanley McKay still ABC's main AFA announcing crew? And who calls Sunday Night Football games for ESPN? 4. Are there any updates on where the 1991 Victory Bowl will be played? That's all the questions I have for now, and sorry for asking so many of them. Here's hoping for another exciting Victory Bowl! P.S. Not to go off topic, but has anyone here considered making an AFA Teams Portrayed by SpongeBob meme? I have actually thought of a few ideas for that, such as the clip where SpongeBob and Patrick making fun of Texas the Stallions, LOL.
  9. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been experiencing technical issues with the website lately, but I was happy to see both the Civics and Cosmos make the postseason last year, so hopefully both teams can build upon that for 2006-07. Speaking of which, there haven't been much mention of Daryl Byrd's mob connection investigation or his future as PHL Commissioner during the playoffs I noticed. Will there be any updates on that storyline in the offseason I'm guessing? If Byrd is indeed found guilty of this, then it will be interesting to see who replaces him. Anyway, I can't wait to see what else the 2006 offseason brings! Well, whenever you get around to it of course, @hawkfan89. I understand you are super busy most of the time, but the stuff you put together for the PHL is always worth the wait!
  10. While I'm not too skilled with digital art (I've hand drawn some fictional sports logos and uniforms of my own, but haven't posted them here as I don't think they are refined enough for community standards), I can still give you some input on the teams' looks: Boston: Aside from the name change, this team's new look is a definite upgrade! The blue outline on the logo also makes it pop out more as well. Providence: This is a unique look, as I've never seen blue and brown together before, yet you pretty much worked it to perfection! I imagine it may be hard to identify players without numbers on the uniforms, but then again, as you said, the team can't afford them. The logo is also fairly simple yet effective and appropriate for the time period. I can't wait to see what this league brings, and while you apparently new at art as you have said, I do see potential from what you have posted so far. Keep up the good work!
  11. Since New York continues to be New York, I guess I'll root for Toronto in the playoffs, even though I have a funny feeling they won't get that far, but one can hope. Also, are there any teams in danger of relocation (Assuming that's allowed in the NAML)? I'm looking forward to the playoffs, and LA looks pretty cool too!
  12. This may be my first time posting in this topic, but I've reading it for quite some time, and I must say, I'm highly impressed by this semi pro league! The uniforms and logos are appropriate for the time period, and the stories are interesting. I do however, have a few questions about the league itself: 1. What types of businesses do the owners of the teams run? Smaller businesses than those compared to, say, the NFL in real life, or are they former players and coaches? What I'm trying to ask is, who runs the league exactly? 2. When the league gets to expansion, will there be expansion councils? Aside from those questions, I am still excited to see what the future holds for this league. Keep up the good work!
  13. Charlie O’Donnell is a 57 year old grocery store chain owner who born in Ireland, but immigrated to Fredericton, New Brunswick at an early age with the rest of his family. His grocery store chain O’Donnell’s has a huge presence in most of Eastern Canada and while there is no Markball team in Fredericton currently, O’Donnell has read about the sport in the newspaper and is a huge fan of the sport, with Montreal being his favorite team. Without further ado, here are O’Donnell’s votes: 1. Minneapolis, MN: With a beautiful stadium and strong fan support in a rapidly growing city, O’Donnell feels that Minneapolis has too good of a bid to pass up. 2. Omaha, NE: Omaha may be a small town, but seeing as they have a passionate fanbase, O’Donnell thinks a team in Omaha would help spread more interest in the sport in the region as well as possibly help expand Markball’s presence in the west. 3. Houston, TX: O’Donnell’s third vote goes to Houston as he feels that while their stadium may not be the best, a loyal fanbase and a large population will help expand Markball’s footprint in the South.
  14. I may be late to the party, but I am happy you're back, Veras! New Jersey's new look is pretty solid looking and appropriate for the 1990s as everyone else has said, and I don't remember if you've mentioned it already, but are there any other teams in the AFA or USFA that are getting new uniforms? Any other storylines of interest as we head into the 1990 offseason? Anyway, I'm looking very much forward to what you have in store, and I hope your health is doing better!
  15. Here's my Expansion Council profile! Let me know if I need to make any changes: Name: Nicholas Thomas Age: 33 Personal Bio: Born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, Thomas was a standout flanker for the West Virginia Mountaineers football team from 1934-1936 before a knee injury derailed his playing career. He instead graduated in 1938 with a degree in business and took over his father's coal company. He married hotel heiress Lydia Jones in 1941 and the couple currently has two children. Thomas may no longer be the athlete he was in his youth, but his love for sports still hasn't diminished, and has just gotten into Driveball. Although Thomas would like to see a team in nearby Pittsburgh one day, he casts his vote for Cincinnati as while a Driveball team would face stiff competition from the Reds of MLB, there are no other major professional sports teams there currently and it would create an intrastate rivalry with the Mad Hatters.
  16. It may have been awhile since I've posted, but first of all, congratulations to the Choppers for winning the Lewis Cup, especially for Brad McNair after having to suffer through playing in New Orleans! Speaking of which, I understand that the Sound are moving to Houston, but are there any other storylines heading into the 2005 offseason (Aside from the new uniforms)? I'm also not sure if you have gone over this already, but how do you determine the draft lottery results? Looking forward to seeing the nickname and logo for Houston!
  17. I'm so glad that this is back! While I haven't commented on your World League Alternate History, I did give it the occasional look, and I must agree with everyone else that your art skills have improved vastly. The only nitpick I have with the teams so far is that the font on the "CG" in Chicago's logo looks a little modern for the 1940s to me at least, but other than that, they and all the other teams look solid! Anyway, I can't wait to see what direction this goes, and will there be any expansion councils? Keep up the good work!
  18. Wow, the Lewis Cup Playoffs sure had a lot of surprises this year, didn't it? Anyway, I'm pulling for Vancouver to win it all, considering how they've been such a sadsack club for so long that they simply need this more. Also, how are the Cosmos doing in terms of attendance? I know they haven't had much success on the ice as of late, but they aren't in danger of relocating, are they? Well, not as much as New Orleans, I imagine, but you know. Here's hoping the Bighorns can win the Lewis Cup!
  19. Wow, that 2003 offseason was a wild one! I'm happy that the Cosmos got a good defenseman in the draft, but good gravy, did the Sound bungle things up in the front office! Sam Bendt's antics reminded me of those of Robert Culpepper in the AFA somehow, in fact (Although the two leagues exist in different universes, but you get the picture). Anyway, assuming I didn't misread the offseason post, something tells me that Daryl Byrd's days as PHL Commissioner are numbered for some reason. When Hurricane Katrina comes, my guess is that he'll try and keep the team in New Orleans anyway, and the owners decide to remove him from office. Also, who are some of the hated owners in the PHL, and some of the owners who players and fans actually have respect for? I remember Shamrocks founder Charles Garfield being abrasive, for example, but I was curious as to if there are any modern owners who are controversial and others who are classier. Sorry if that was a weird question, I was just wondering about that for some time now. Here's hoping the Civics or Cosmos can do something in 2003-04!
  20. What a Lewis Cup Final! Congratulations for winning it all, Toronto! What are some new uniforms or logos we can expect this offseason? Any other subplots of importance? Can't wait to see what you have in store next!
  21. Dang it, Civics! You almost made the playoffs! The Cosmos continuing to be the Cosmos doesn’t help either, but there’s always next season, I suppose. Anyway, I’m personally hoping for Dallas to win it all, as it would be a huge boost for a team in a non-traditional hockey market. I also have a question about PHL video games: I remember you mentioning the first PHL game being PHL Hockey 94, but who made the game? A real life company like EA Sports, or a fictional one? And has anyone else made any PHL games? Looking forward to the Lewis Cup Playoffs either way, though! And go Desperados!
  22. Another excellent AFA Regular Season in the books! Although it sucks that neither the Imperials or Guardians could make the postseason, but oh well. I also see that video game companies are fictional in an earlier post (Although real life consoles such as the NES still exist, correct me if I’m wrong). This gives me an idea for what my character for the next expansion council could be like (Although that’s not going to happen right away, obviously). And on an unrelated note, which is more for Raymie if anything, but who’s the commentator crew for ESPN? I’m admittedly curious to see what the role of Jimmy Edwards (My previous expansion council character) has in their coverage. Looking forward to the postseason!
  23. I’ve been following this topic quietly and I’m really enjoying this Fictional sport so far! It’s a pity I missed out on the most recent expansion council, but there’s always the next one. Can’t wait to hear about the expansion teams and what they look like!
  24. Hmmm...being a gamer myself (Hence my Kirby avatar), I’ve always been curious about AFA video games. The question is, who publishes these fictional games? Any real life companies, like Nintendo, Tecmo, etc? Or are they Fictional companies? Anyway, I can’t wait until the 1989 AFA season! Well, assuming it doesn’t go the way of the 1994 MLB season, if you know what I mean.
  25. Interesting idea for a league you are going for, here! I see that ESPN is covering the draft, but will they cover regular season and postseason games too? I’m curious about the league’s TV contracts. As for the logos, the Bees are admittedly my favorite of the bunch, but they are all quite appropriate for the 1980s. And will there be expansion councils like the AFA and PHL? I’m looking forward to seeing how this league unfolds!