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  1. Boston and Philly playing each other in Round Two of the Playoffs? Hoo boy, if that series doesn't end up being a bloodbath between the two teams, then color me shocked. I was also surprised that the Civics won the Draft Lottery, but since they are my favorite team alongside the Cosmos, I'll take it!
  2. The New York Knights: Professional Markball’s Lowcow! UrinatingTree references aside, there were definitely a lot of surprises this year, that’s for sure! I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’m hoping for Toronto to break their curse this year, as they are simply one of those teams, whether they be real or fictional, that I can’t help but to feel sorry for.
  3. First of all, welcome back @hawkfan89! Just because the Civics or Cosmos didn't make the playoffs this year, doesn't mean that the 2007-08 PHL season was an intriguing one! It will be interesting to see where Erik Camden ends up (As well as Eric Bennett, not to plug shamelessly or anything) depending on the new Draft Lottery system, and here's hoping the Wranglers can stay in Calgary. Also, I don't mean to increase your workload or anything, and I apologize if this has already been brought up, but have you even put any thought into which PHL teams have mascots, and what they are like? Looking forward to seeing who wins the Lewis Cup this year!
  4. Wow, Toronto sure had a rough season, to the point where they should probably change their name to the Titanics if they continue to struggle. Also, we probably won't know for sure until the late 70s-early 80s, but will there be a possibility of Driveball video games being made? Since Disney is a bit different in this universe for example, the gamer in me is also curious to see how the video game industry will shape up in this universe (Such as if the Sega Saturn sells better in North America than it did in real life). Anyway, I can't wait to see how the CDL Postseason and the NDA and CDA shape up for 1964!
  5. Hal Boyer is returning to the Expansion Council, and here are his votes: 1. Cleveland, OH: Boyer simply feels that it's time for Ohio to get an NAML team, and he's going with Cleveland over Cincinnati mostly due to how it's a bigger city. 2. Phoenix, AZ: With this city growing rapidly, Boyer believes that Phoenix would make a solid Markball town, not to mention that it would reduce travel costs for the Quails and Guardians. 3. Dallas, TX: With a loyal fanbase and a huge population, Boyer's third choice goes to Dallas, as they have been close in previous Expansion Councils and they would also give the Comet a regional rival. As for Boyer's realignment plan, he proposes that Cleveland goes to the East and Dallas or Phoenix (Depending on who gets in) goes to the West.
  6. I'll say it now: if the Simpsons airs in this universe, then I have a feeling when it does, then this Urquhart Cup will be referred to retroactively as the Ned Flanders Cup or Reverend Lovejoy Cup, since both finalists have religious nicknames. Anyway, I'm glad that Michigan was eliminated for once, and I'll be pulling for Montreal to win it all!
  7. Oh my, I wasn't expecting Calgary to be in danger of relocation, although they have been mediocre the past few seasons, but still. I'm hoping if they do end up bolting to Ottawa or elsewhere, then the Wranglers' name and history be left in the city of Calgary for their next PHL team to adopt (Think the Cleveland Browns or Seattle Supersonics). Also, I noticed the format of the Draft results was changed. Any particular reason why? I'm not saying it should have stayed the same as the past few seasons, I was just wondering as I was curious about where Eric Bennett (Whose mother Josie was my character for the last Expansion Council) ended up (Assuming my math is correct, as I think he would have turned 18 by now. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how 2007-08 plays out!
  8. This is my first time posting on this topic, but I must say, I'm excited to see a basketball league since they aren't common on the Sports Fan Fiction forum, and I'm really liking this league! My favorite team is the Georgia Yardbirds because I find their logo to be amusing, and if you are still accepting votes for expansion teams, I'm going with Chicago. I can't wait to see what this league has in store, and keep up the good work, DoctaC!
  9. Well done, KC! You have pulled off the upset over Boston and have won the Victory Cup! Also, I know the Rebels are moving away from the Confederate imagery in the offseason, but are there any other uniform changes to expect for 1992? One things is for sure, with all the headlines in store (Atlanta rebranding as I mentioned before, potentially new TV contracts, and I think free agency either this offseason or the offseason after that, I don't remember exactly), 1992 is going to be a busy offseason for the AFA!
  10. Name: Hal Boyer Age: 47 Bio: Boyer was born on August 15, 1922 in Albany, New York to a middle class family. He became enamored by all sorts of sports as a child (particularly Markball), but lacked the athleticism to play it. He was, however, easy going and friendly, to the point when radio was invented and listening to sports broadcasts on the radio, decided he could instead become an announcer for Markball games. Thus, he became the radio voice of the New York Knights when they joined the NAML in 1949, and has since become perhaps the most respected play-by-play man in all of Markball. Top Three Cities: 1. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco is too big of a market at this point to not get an NAML team, plus it would provide the LA Guardians an in-state rival. 2. Houston, TX: Similar to San Francisco, Houston is too big to pass up and would help make Markball more popular in the south. 3. Cincinnati, OH: Cincinnati may not be as big of a market as Boyer's other votes, but the fanbase sounds decent enough to warrant a chance at supporting an NAML franchise, especially in a state where the league has no presence currently. Realignment Plan: Eastern Division: Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington Western Division: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco
  11. I was hoping the Knights would win at least one playoff series, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Here's hoping Toronto can pull off the upset, seeing as the Bandits have had their turn in terms of dominance. Also, are real life leagues like the NFL, MLB, etc in the Markball universe, or are they replaced with fictional versions? Can't wait for the expansion council!
  12. Wow, talk about some upsets! Anyway, what are the names of the other major professional sports leagues in the AFA universe? I remember Will Silver last playing in the American Basketball League (ABL), which I assume is this universe's equivalent for the NBA, but what are the names of the Baseball Leagues in the AFA universe? And what would this universe's equivalent of the NHL be called? Can't wait to see how the rest of the playoffs unfold and the new branding for the Rebels (Assuming they change their name of course).
  13. Oof, I wasn't expecting the USFA to fold like that, but then again, that's what you get for allowing a jerk like O'Malley to own a team. Anyway, are the Whales still trying to move to that new stadium in Oakland? What's the name of that stadium? I'm looking forward to 1991, and the Rebels' new name and branding (Although we probably won't see it until next offseason obviously, but you get the picture)!
  14. I was hoping 2006-07 would be the year for the Cosmos or Civics, and wouldn't you know, neither team made the playoffs. Oh well, here's hoping for an Edmonton-Boston Cup Final. Also, will there be any more women to own PHL teams in the future (Like either from inheriting one from one of the current owners or possibly buying some financially struggling team), or will the owner of the Quebec Nationale have to hold that torch for the time being? I'll be looking forward to the Lewis Cup Playoffs!
  15. Wow, the Stallions' new look is incredible! Especially the more fitting Wordmark! No complaints there, and I can't wait to see what other teams have updated looks! And while I am late to the party in terms of bringing this up, it sucks to see the USFA fold, as I thought it was interesting, but I understand that nixing it to lighten your workload was necessary. I'll be looking forward for the 1991 offseason and any other potential new logos and uniforms!