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  1. While I'm not too skilled with digital art (I've hand drawn some fictional sports logos and uniforms of my own, but haven't posted them here as I don't think they are refined enough for community standards), I can still give you some input on the teams' looks: Boston: Aside from the name change, this team's new look is a definite upgrade! The blue outline on the logo also makes it pop out more as well. Providence: This is a unique look, as I've never seen blue and brown together before, yet you pretty much worked it to perfection! I imagine it may be hard to identify players without numbers on the uniforms, but then again, as you said, the team can't afford them. The logo is also fairly simple yet effective and appropriate for the time period. I can't wait to see what this league brings, and while you apparently new at art as you have said, I do see potential from what you have posted so far. Keep up the good work!
  2. I am pleased with what you have so far! I guess I'll root for the Knights for now, simply because I never expected orange and brown for a New York team. I can't wait for the rest of the teams, especially the Owls!
  3. Not often do I see college concepts, but this is actually quite intriguing! Combined with how much I am a fan of the AFA and PHL (Assuming this conference will be run similarly to those two concept leagues), I am excited for what you will come up with!
  4. This sounds like it will be a cool series! The only complaint I have with the league logo is that the Maple Leaf used in the logo's design wasn't incorporated on the Canadian flag until 1965 so it might not go well in the 1940s (Unless you wanted somethung to represent Canada in general as opposed to using the Red Ensign). I do like the idea of incorporating American and Canadian elements onto the league logo though. Can't wait to see what you come up with logo and uniform-wise!
  5. Steelers: No real complaints here, but the bumblebee stripes on the shoulders look odd to me. But then again, maybe I'm too used to what they wear now. The socks are also interesting to say the least. Jets: Holy cow, you're pretty much nailed Gang Green for the most part! I would eliminate the logo on their pants, but other than that, this set rocks! The helmet is also quite creative! All in all, you're off to a good start!
  6. Colts: Nice modernzation here. I actually like the Navy and Light Blue combo. Cowboys: Pretty good set overall. I especially like the Cowboys hat logo! Titans: Using a Greek Centurian (SP?) as the team's logo is a cool idea! Everything else is perfect. Texans: The changes you made are minor, but then again, I can't think of any way to improve the Texans' look either. Falcons: I like the red helmets, but the "Titanium" doesn't go well with the rest of the colors. I would suggest replacing it with gray. So far so good! I am looking forward to the Bengals and Giants the most!
  7. I'm gonna guess that the first team is Phoenix, and the second is either Nashville or Memphis, but I'm not sure.
  8. I voted for the second color scheme since the first one looks a bit too similar to Vancouver, and I am going with the name Emeralds since it goes with with the colors I picked, and while I have no problem with the name Metropolitans, it name has been used fairly often on these boards. I am looking forward to what you come up with!
  9. Wow, you've got a lot of unis for me to look at there! I'm not saying that's a bad thing though, so here is my C&C for the first few concepts: Anaheim: Nothing is really good or bad about the Ducks, though you do get kudos for incorporating the old duck mask logo on the shoulders. Boston: The yellow jerseys are fine, but the spoked B logo doesn't pop out to me. Try changing it's colors a bit. Buffalo: I would add more white to the uniforms so they don't look as plain. Calagry: Again, these look slightly bland. Maybe adding yellow will help? I will look over more another time, but your concepts are fine so far.
  10. Chargers: I like the choice of colors and I am digging the yellow numbers on the white jerseys as well. Chiefs: I think you could make the wordmark on the jerseys slightly smaller, but it's still a good set overall, however. Raiders: The silver numbers on the white jerseys are the best part of this set. I would love to see Oakland wear them on the road! Broncos: The orange shirt and blue sleeves are a splendid touch! No complaints here. Keep it up, you're doing great!
  11. Here are my thoughts on the NFC West unis: Seahawks: First of all, I love how you brought back the silver helmets and gray pants, and the forest and bark colors are also an interesting new take! Rams: The lighter blue reminds me of the LA Rams unis, and usually I am not a fan of side panels on football jerseys, but you managed to make them look good here. 49ers: I like the red facemask and the white striping on the home unis the most. No real complants here. Cardinals: I like how you implemented the sunburst design on the sleeves, and it especially looks good on the road unis. So you did a great job on the NFC West, especially on Seattle! I'm looking forward to more from you!
  12. Seattle's number font is a little over the top for my tastes, but it goes well with the team's identity. You're off to a good start!
  13. I voted for Barons since that's the name I like the most, but the Jesters does have a unique backstory behind it though.
  14. Here are my thoughts on your project so far: Blues: Looks pretty good. No real complaints, although the white winged music note logo on the blue jerseys looks odd to me (But then again, I'm not used to white on the Blues' logo). Stars: Maybe I'm being biased since I loved the look of the Minnesota North Stars, but this set is beautiful, especially with the green. Predators: This is an interesting, yet neat looking set. The modern looking Sabre-tooth tiger on stripes gives these unis a neat look. The third jersey is classy as well. Canucks: Holy cow, you actually made the black, red, and yellow actually look good on Vancouver! Probably my favorite of this series so far. Keep up the good work!
  15. AFL team in Milwaukee would have been interesting, considering that the Packers at the time played the occasional home game in Milwaukee. Anyway, my vote for the team's name goes to the Barons.