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  1. TheNightOwl

    New York/ Brooklyn Islanders Alternate

    Forgetting all this about how little sense the logo makes, from a design standpoint it is too dark. The details of the logo get lost in each other. Also, clean it up a little. The poor quality of it now makes it resemble something from an 8 bit video game.
  2. While I hate how overly complicated Oregon is in real life, this is far too plain. I would add some sort of shoulder design, perhaps what they wore in 2011. That would work here.
  3. TheNightOwl

    Fix It Friday -- Browns added Sept. 27

    I really don't like the secondary logo in that first Bills concept. I would rather see a revised version of the logo they scrapped in 2002. Other than that it looks great!
  4. TheNightOwl

    Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    The 2002 Chicago Bears played an entire season in Memorial Stadium in Champaign Illinois (Hardly 3 miles from my Urbana home) while Solider Field was being renovated. Memorial Stadium was also in Madden 2003 because of this.
  5. TheNightOwl

    Use The New JerseyBacks Thread to See My Finished Requests

    I'll take a Cowboys one with the number 46 or 14 and Wright as the name. Also me the a Rangers Fielder one or a Mavs Dirk one. Thanks!
  6. TheNightOwl

    New NBC Graphics

    I wonder what NBC will roll out for NASCAR season.
  7. TheNightOwl

    2015 NASCAR Paint Scheme Thread

    I really like Dillon's Bass Pro Shops car, though I don't much care for him as a driver
  8. TheNightOwl

    What if all college alumni were on the same pro team?

    Woo pig Sooie... Arkansas Razorbacks please!
  9. TheNightOwl

    Small Basketball Stadium

    Seating bowl design reminds me completely of the State Farm Center (Or Assembly Hall if you will) used by the Illiniois Fighting Illini. Great job on this!
  10. TheNightOwl

    PHOENIX: Rise (Phase 2)

    I have never attempted a concept before and only have MS Paint, but would like a school to design just as a self assessment of my design talents if possible.
  11. TheNightOwl

    Bowl Game Concepts/Desktop Backgrounds - All Nike

    Texas Bowl/Heart Of Dallas Bowl please
  12. TheNightOwl

    Guilty pleasures?

    Oregon's uniforms. I agree completely with anybody who says they are terrible (and they are) but something about the colors and style I kinda like. Their helmets ecspecially.
  13. TheNightOwl

    School Logo: Finalized(?), Logo Progression, August 25

    I'm fairly tired right now so this may or may not make sense. Try rotating your logo so the nose faces directly ahead instead of down. It would help your logo stand out a little more from St. Louis's logo. But great job on this it looks decent
  14. Stars fan here. I think Gold would be a great color to introduce to the Stars again. It was a huge part of their color scheme from 1993-2013 so it should defiantly come back. The other comments above me are pretty spot on so I would listen to them and make the necessary changes. Go stars!
  15. TheNightOwl

    MLB Scoreboard Concept (MS Paint)

    Agree with more contrast. Everything just bleeds into each other too much. Good potential here though.