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  1. Riga finally did it, after many years of struggles! Just waiting for STL to finally win, or at least make it out of the first round. (Hmm... Seems a lot like the NHL team)
  2. Charlotte looks very sharp. It gives off an LA Kings vibe, 80's jerseys with a more modern color scheme. Also, I would put St. Louis in the West and Chicago in the East. Then, maybe, swap Portland and Sakatoon. If you want to keep Canadian teams together, possibly, swap Chicago with Winnipeg instead, the switch Winnipeg and Seattle. Just something to consider, but at the very least switch STL and Chicago.
  3. This was a fantastic series, Nicely done!
  4. I think the one you used would be best. I think the red hat might be too much red, but it might be fine.
  5. For the Twins I would drop the gold drop shadow on the numbers and make it into a normal outline and maybe add white to the piping, maybe.
  6. I love the idea of Annapolis's crest and it looks really good, too. Gatekeepers' colors look really good and Commonwealth's kits may be my favorites (that is a tough choice as it's the other 44 are really good too). For Excelsior's crest I would suggest moving the "A" to the right a little, but that might make an imbalance.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing this. As for the Twins, a red uni might look nice. For the Royals maybe add some of the gold thats in their logo, just to change it up.
  8. If any of these teams where a monochrome (not full white/gray) uniform, I will question everything. However, a giveaway is sweet and I love the concept.I agree, and you could also add some throwbacks to that list.
  9. I hope the Rays never wear that, but that is awesome. Would make a sweet giveaway though.
  10. The Rockies need to put that jersey in the rotation right now! The Pirates/Cards also look good, but I think navy socks for the Cardinals would look better.
  11. I'm pretty happy with how the black turned out, but I'm open to suggestions. What color would you rather see instead?I think orange would look good, as would their blue, but that wouldn't work with the Rays blue for obvious reasons.
  12. Very interesting idea, but I like it. The Mariners look really good, but I think the Padres need to go mono yellow.
  13. I understand what your saying now. I just misread it the first time. Will definitely look into that
  14. I don't mind the red pants but IMO the blue is better, but am open other opinions on them. I really like how this looks and definitely would not be opposed to the Caps adopting this now. I made the logo all white and the stripes all red. I really like it and I feel like it give the uniform a more retro look. The only thing I'm not 100% sure about is keeping the Weagle on the shoulder. C&C encouraged for all three of these.
  15. No problem, you deserve it. It is a fantastic logo.