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  1. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Minnesota and California.
  2. I feel like someday, some great documentarian, maybe Werner Herzog or Adam Curtis, could make a film about the sad, slow death of Arena Football.
  3. What is the difference between the AFL and IFL again?
  4. International Football 2017-2018

    The BeIn Sports announcers are pure sedative.
  5. The XFL may be making a comeback

    I could actually see Kaep being brought in and being sold as a "Heel" to the fans.
  6. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Also, I would recommend a card system for penalties instead of the constant tedium of line switching.
  7. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Well, let's not forget that the WWE Network (their streaming service) is very profitable, and could be a place for games. I think any new football league would have to invest heavily in streaming.
  8. CBCS Alt. History - fresh new polls

    Not to pressure you, but it would be awesome if the conference logos could be surrounded by the logos of the initial members. And I'm glad to see the Northeast will have a place in the football sun.
  9. CBCS Alt. History - fresh new polls

    Well, both Army and Navy are technically in the Northeast, but I don't really see them as regional schools. They're schools of, by, and for the entire nation, as befits military institutions. Hence, their independence from conferences (an inherently regional thing) seems appropriate, unlike a certain school in Northern Indiana I could mention (although my Grandfather, as an alum of that school, did argue that ND is the quasi-official CFB team of American Catholics). Well, as with all things, yes and no. In CFB terms, we are a bit of a backwater, for sure (although then again, not long ago Pitt, Penn State, and BC were powerhouses, and in long-gone days of yore, the Ivies were the hub of the college football universe). But in, say, Basketball, we are no better or worse than any other region, and we are the only stronghold of college hockey outside some areas of the Upper Midwest. That is exactly what I was saying. Well, it isn't the only reason alignment is a trainwreck- the venality of Cable Providers can take a very healthy share of the blame for that. But yes, the lack of a proper conference has hurt Northeastern Football a fair amount. They had one for a little in the Big East, but then BC screwed it all up by jumping to the ACC (where they karmically regressed into mediocrity). And the Big East didn't come soon enough to save the BU program, or keep the BC-HC rivalry alive, or keep the Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry (the oldest in College Football) in the FBS. And the GW football program was canned and the Georgetown one consigned to FCS oblivion in large part because of the lack of a good conference to join (although I could see those two and Delaware going to the ACC rather than the Hypothetical Northeast Conference). Awesome!
  10. The Crewe is excellent. Tampa Bay has been a dumping ground for dull, effortless logos for a while now, so it is good to see somebody do the city justice.
  11. CBCS Alt. History - fresh new polls

    I would note as an addendum to my last post that a Northeastern conference would initially consist of: Boston College Boston University Buffalo Holy Cross Pitt Villanova Lafayette Lehigh Rutgers Syracuse Colgate Penn State
  12. CBCS Alt. History - fresh new polls

    Do you think they would create a conference for schools in the Northeast? IMO, the lack of an established conference for that (the ACC was a mid-Atlantic thing till recently) caused a huge percentage of the conference alignment headaches we have today.
  13. Championships for the Red Sox, Paw Sox, Bruins, Pats, and Cavs. Never mind with the Ti-Cats or Notre Dame. FA Cups and League Championships for West Brom, World Cups only for Germany. Thanks!!!
  14. Hi Silent, I know you're really busy, and I'm happy to wait, but if you could help me with my sig at some point, it would be great. My teams are as follows: Boston Red Sox Pawtucket Paw Sox (Champions in 1973, 1984, 2012, 2014) Boston Bruins Cleveland Cavaliers New England Patriots Hamilton Tiger-Cats Notre Dame Fighting Irish German National Soccer Team West Bromwich Albion