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  1. This is legitimately one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen. Good on ya, Bruins.
  2. Bulldog

    We Will Rock You FFL

    This is incredible.
  3. Bulldog

    Quidditch World Cup (England Kits UP)

    This is pretty good.
  4. This is also a very good idea. You could put some wild stuff on the helmets. I could see something you'd usually see spray-painted on a panel van. Perhaps it could be done so Offense has Yog-Sothoth helmets, the defense has Cthulhu helmets, and the special teams have Shub-Niggurath helmets? Seems like an XFL-like stunt.
  5. Rev. War is so overused for Boston. Perhaps something Civil War could work, given Massachusetts played a big role on the Union Side? Perhaps the Boston Beasts (after General Benjamin "Beast" Butler of the Union Army, who went on to be Governor of Mass). You could make the logo a Union General. Here's a photo of Butler. Not a scary guy on his own, but political cartoonists of the day went hog wild with him. So, that's an Idea.
  6. Bulldog

    US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Holy crap, this one is an awesome idea.
  7. But this was a fantasy...
  8. I love it, but I would personally suggest a much crisper font, particularly for the "CCC" in the keystone.
  9. Bulldog

    UCCF Alt. History - New Polls Open

    Could see Marshall and WVU joining this, as well as some others.
  10. I had an idea in regards to the future of the USFA, since you said you wouldn't likely go with a full merger there, and since you also mentioned that it exists in slightly smaller/weaker markets. Did you know that the Promotion-Relegation system in the UK came about as a result of the Football League merging with an inferior league near the turn of the century? I could see the USFA and AFA merging in a similar system of Promotion and Relegation. Indeed, by the present day, with more teams expanded the leagues could be splitting off a third division. That certainly would be a different path than expected.
  11. Good to know there's other UT fans out there.
  12. Bulldog

    UCCF Alt. History - New Polls Open

    Great stuff! I hope there will be a few more upsets down the pike though...
  13. I'd love to see a Boston team. Also, I do love the NY rainbow one.
  14. Bulldog

    USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Minnesota and California.
  15. I feel like someday, some great documentarian, maybe Werner Herzog or Adam Curtis, could make a film about the sad, slow death of Arena Football.