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  1. Championships for the Red Sox, Paw Sox, Bruins, Pats, and Cavs. Never mind with the Ti-Cats or Notre Dame. FA Cups and League Championships for West Brom, World Cups only for Germany. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi Silent, I know you're really busy, and I'm happy to wait, but if you could help me with my sig at some point, it would be great. My teams are as follows: Boston Red Sox Pawtucket Paw Sox (Champions in 1973, 1984, 2012, 2014) Boston Bruins Cleveland Cavaliers New England Patriots Hamilton Tiger-Cats Notre Dame Fighting Irish German National Soccer Team West Bromwich Albion

    Wait, THOSE T.C. Williams Titans?!?!?!? That's pretty cool.
  4. World Hockey League 1991-92 (GMs Needed!)

    Are there any GM spots left over or no? I just found this thread- was on vacation. If not, well, this is still an EXCELLENT thread, and one I intend to watch with interest.
  5. High School Football Redesigns

    A+ 10/10 thank you so much.
  6. Future Premier League Project - 20/20 - Aston Villa

    Great project! Could you do a future Championship and League One? I'd love to see AFC Wimbledon, among others.
  7. 2016 Presidential Jerseys

    Could you add in some of the failed primary candidates? It would be especially cool to see a unique color schemer each.
  8. @Veras Could you make a Guardians banner for me?
  9. OK, what team here has no fans? I'd like to give support to whoever doesn't have it.
  10. I think you might be using the wrong template. The Dressed to the Nines stuff is pretty rigid and hard to work with- I'd look for something else. I see, so it'll be as much like the early NFL as anything else. That makes more sense.
  11. So, good work thus far (especially for someone new to photoshop/paint), but I have a few critiques. So, expansion. That is interesting in theory, but I doubt there will be any more expansion till the 50's at least (maybe it would make sense to have two teams fold/contract in the Depression, or even in the next couple of years). The league alignment is a little crazy. All three teams from NY, both from Boston in the same league and all that. As for the Uniforms, they look good, but you should work to clean them up/include more detail on them. I feel like the template you're using is restricting that a little. On a similar note- teams had logos and such on their uniforms in that era. Is there a way you could show the caps these players are wearing? I know this seems like a lot, but I promise you I'm not trying to pile on. You're new to this, and I've seen how people improve with just a little time on these threads, so I hoped to give some specific comments so you can improve in those areas. Best of luck!
  12. High School Football Redesigns

    Could you do the Milton Academy Mustangs (Massachusetts)? The Denver Broncos ripoff is so bland.