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  1. I think the Rockets could use some white on the trim to balance it out a little imo. Love the Jazz Alts
  2. I don't have the entire Warriors set complete yet, as i have made a few concepts that just haven't turned out as i hope. i like their current concept and am trying to find ways to improve it while maintaining characteristics i like. Nonetheless, i have a Warriors concept i have been wanting to do for a while. Being from the East Bay, the Warriors have always shaded Oakland in ways and embraced San Francisco more. (Never been called Oakland Warriors, wearing "The City" jerseys, wearing San Francisco jerseys in Currys rookie season, just to name a few) Therefore for their final season in Oakland i created an "Oakland Pride" or "The Town" Jersey as a way of appreciation. 2018-19 "Oakland" Jersey Alternates
  3. If you're going to tilt the word mark i think you have to move the numbers to the right to create better balance. i prefer it without the tilt but i see what you're going for here
  4. no worries. i just don't see the Bulls going with Jordan Brand exclusively as long as MJ is in Charlotte, but i did want at least one set to have the jumpman. Plus i think its a smart idea for the bulls as it will likely boost jersey sales/popularity. I can see Nike/JB doing this down the road
  5. Las Vegas Aces unique diamond pattern for the sides and no trim/collars to make a modern set for the vegas expansion. i was considering a "Sin City" alternate but couldn't decide on a color scheme i thought would work for it (wanted to stay away from a gold jersey). was considering a brighter red or another home jersey (similar to how the wizards have two white uniforms) let me know if there is any interest to see these alternates. (and no i don't want to alter these to be the sin city alts) thank you for all the feedback.
  6. heres just the aways with yellow. as well as the horizontal stripe on back as i previously mentioned. New expansion team coming soon.
  7. Houston Rockets Rockets are loooong overdue for a new set. not that i think they have a terrible uniform currently, but i think they're best in the past in the TMac-Yao era. i don't expect the NOB to be too well received, and i do have a different set where the line is horizontal, but i went with these because of the uniqueness and i wanted feedback on how others like the style.
  8. maybe once i finish the project as a whole ill do different sets so ill keep this in mind. for now I'm okay with these as a once or twice a season alternates
  9. the lighterblue/purple trim on the alternates seems a bit out of place. i think the gradient stripe on the jersey deserves to be extended to the shorts. also the NOB and the number do not appear to be centered correctly. other than that great concept!
  10. Sacramento Kings official update San Antonio Spurs Official Update in retrospect i found my initial concept for the Spurs bland and lazily executed. i wanted to try something ambitious so added the olive/army green. "Fiesta Fauxback"
  11. (btw I'm going to delete the concepts i posted as replies and make an "official update" thank you for your feedback!)
  12. the 2nd Clippers alt is actually blue not black. for the kings i have to agree with you the purple does look better on the black. heres the aways with black as well. for the homes i can't find the right balance and prefer them sans black
  13. Sacramento Kings i never particularly liked the grey in any of their color schemes. went with the gold which was always executed poorly imo when gold was used previously C&C appreciated i would like to know everyones opinions, criticism and what i can work on. thank you!
  14. Sorry for the quick break LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS like a lot of concepts i wanted to touch on the nautical theme. went back to the lighter shade of blue which gives them more of a unique identity as opposed to royal blue and red. For the homes i couldn't decide if i liked the the grey or blue water design on the shorts. (blue will obviously look more like actual water but grey is more subtle/isnt too loud which his what i was going for) "Deep Sea" alternates
  15. honestly, thats how i felt as well thats why i posted both i feel these are probably the best balance and look overall the best out of any of the ones posted. thanks for the assistance !