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  1. I’m not saying teams shouldn’t use their city name. Those teams never actually played in those cities, but the Warriors actually play in Oakland right now. Have you ever been to the Bay? the Golden Gate Bridge is stunning in real life.
  2. Thank you. I typed it on bart and hit send while looking directly at the Bay Bridge lol.
  3. To be honest, living in the East Bay my whole life, I don’t think you all realize how disprespectful it would be to actually change the name to ‘San Francisco’. And quite honestly, unless you live here, you really can’t understand it. ‘Golden State’ may not be a perfect title but it’s far better than changing it to SF at this point. Also regarding the bridge, the Golden Gate is obviously far more iconic, but the Bay Area would be nothing without The Bay Bridge. 1/4 million people use it daily. So honestly I’ve never heard anyone here say we should go back to the GGB logo, everyone here is fine with it. Just my 2 cents though
  4. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Memphis Grizzlies Had these done for a while now, but never posted bc they never seemed right.. messed around with outlines on name and #'s, but i believe this set looks best. let me know what you all think Association Icon Community Athlete Also, i am considering making edits to former concepts posted in this forum. small tweaks like the pistons font size is fairly big, amongst other minor tweaks. let me know if anyone objects and believes they should remain untouched. Thank you for viewing!
  5. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    heres both
  6. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    These are both good suggestions. i did do a mock up of them both and to both your credit, they do look good. I do however, like the consistency of having the black and purple always separated by the brighter red. to make it more legible, i might edit it to make the font a little bolder, which actually seemed to help some. If you are interested i can post or message you the suggestions. Thank you both. Thank you! i really appreciate it. any teams you're looking forward to seeing?
  7. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Note: updates added to Spurs and 76ers Toronto Raptors Brough back the purple as it should be, added a more consistent side stripe. Association Icon Community Athlete C&C appreciated
  8. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    actually good catch. ill update that soon. thank you
  9. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Thank you! it might be the template, but sometimes shoulder stripes doesn't look as good on away jerseys than it does home. went back and forth on whether or not to do it. i might update it just to be consistent
  10. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Milwaukee Bucks Nothing major. rid of the blue, changed the stripe so the "M" on the bottom is more apparent. also "bucks" is on the green jersey and "milwaukee" is reserved for the Alts. Association Icon Community Athlete San Antonio Spurs Got rid of the spur logo in the wordmark. Changed the stripe and collars to give simpler and modern look altogether. Community wordmark arch inspired by 70/80's away jerseys. Was unsure of doing fiesta, and wanted to go a different route. however, i couldn't resist. Association Icon Community Athlete Philadelphia 76ers Again, nothing too crazy. what bothers me the most on there current set is the red only touches blue on the wordmark/numbers. not a major issue, but i set out to change it. For alts, i wanted a thicker font, to go better w/ the number Association Icon Community Athlete Thank you for viewing. as always let me know what you think.
  11. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    It was posted on this forum before. Ill try and find you the original template. I altered the colors on purpose, similar to how i did for the Lakers. for the side stripe colors, i tried to be consistent with the collar/trim/waistband (only the home one is inconsistent). maybe i should have pushed the stripes on the jersey a little more towards the edge, because i agree they do look a little big. I think the short are more accurate for about how big i wanted them. Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated, especially from a Hornets fan (I'm presuming)
  12. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    I thought about it. i did do a honeycomb on the black alt that i tried to make a little more covert (perhaps too much). I was never completely sold on pinstripes for the hornets. they were always executed so inconsistently. i just stay away. Thank you! any team you'd like to see next?
  13. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    CHARLOTTE HORNETS Association Icon Community Athletes More coming soon. Finishing up on about 4-5 other teams right now and will be up soon. let me know what teams you want to see! C&C 100% encouraged
  14. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Los Angeles Lakers For such an iconic franchise, I really do not like there current set they've had for a while. A new purple has been introduced. I tried to take from what I've liked from previous sets but make them more modern. Association Icon Athletes Community Honestly, I do not like the lakers in black much, but could not come up with other ideas on a 4th jersey other than throwbacks. I did make a set with the same features as these but in the 60's blue/blue color scheme, sorta "blending" eras, but ultimately chose the black over it, as it seemed sorta out of place. If you'd prefer to see those let me know! id like feedback on how the black ones are received. Thank you for viewing!, Memphis coming very soon
  15. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Raptors & Grizzlies)

    Back with a couple more. Haven't had time due to school but with the semester over I've been looking to find more time for this project. Boston Celtics No major changes to association/icon. similar green to what nike is running currently. Association Icon Athlete. Inspired by the Bill Russell-era but with an off white/cream.( in a way this is a faux-back) Community New Orleans Jazz As in my earlier project, the Jazz have returned to New Orleans. Essentially an update of my earlier concepts. Association Icon Athletes Community Let me know what you think! i should have more coming soon,