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  1. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    Los Angeles Lakers For such an iconic franchise, I really do not like there current set they've had for a while. A new purple has been introduced. I tried to take from what I've liked from previous sets but make them more modern. Association Icon Athletes Community Honestly, I do not like the lakers in black much, but could not come up with other ideas on a 4th jersey other than throwbacks. I did make a set with the same features as these but in the 60's blue/blue color scheme, sorta "blending" eras, but ultimately chose the black over it, as it seemed sorta out of place. If you'd prefer to see those let me know! id like feedback on how the black ones are received. Thank you for viewing!, Memphis coming very soon
  2. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    Back with a couple more. Haven't had time due to school but with the semester over I've been looking to find more time for this project. Boston Celtics No major changes to association/icon. similar green to what nike is running currently. Association Icon Athlete. Inspired by the Bill Russell-era but with an off white/cream.( in a way this is a faux-back) Community New Orleans Jazz As in my earlier project, the Jazz have returned to New Orleans. Essentially an update of my earlier concepts. Association Icon Athletes Community Let me know what you think! i should have more coming soon,
  3. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    Denver Nuggets I had been struggling to think of any good and unique concept for the nuggets for a long time. i couldn't decide on a color scheme or design. However when watching a summer league game (how about that) i realized that the lighter blue really was the best primary color for them in my opinion. Association Icon Athlete community Miami Heat Based on my old concept. brought back the yellow and a few other tweaks but imo it sets the concepts apart from my old one. Association icon athlete Community More to come soon. i have been extremely busy as of late but i am trying to get some of these done
  4. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    It has a better balance of colors that way imo
  5. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    Sacramento Kings Only a few Tweaks to my previous set Association Icon Athlete Community I promise there i will be posting more often than i have, I'm working on a few different teams right now and still deciding between sets for them.
  6. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    that was my fear for the community jerseys, this color combo on the back was probably the only one that was easily legible which is why i went for it. i was considering doing just the stripe in a checkered pattern (and thickening the stripe so it was noticeable) but decided to just keep it as it is. they're a bold set but the Pacers have had a history of bold uniforms imo Thank you! i can't tell you how many different designs/concepts i made for indiana before i decided on these
  7. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    This thread differs from my former one as i am implementing Nikes 4 uniforms per team concept and i am remaking all my former concept uniforms not just copy and pasting them. there may be expansion teams or revamped identities but that will be less common than my former project. As always C&C is greatly appreciated as it helps me know what i did good and what i can improve. Indiana Pacers I loved the word mark of the new uniforms, but just the execution/balance of the jersey just felt so off. I created more simple and classic sides/trim to complement the wordmark. also featured is a unique trim on the shorts Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community Inspired Brooklyn Nets Took my previous concept and made tweaks to the (what was then called) home and away jerseys and created two completely new uniforms Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community - Took the Brooklyn Dodgers old word mark to show respect to the history of Brooklyn sports. also featured is a "42" on the waistband out of respect for Jackie Robinson Detroit Pistons. In retrospect, my old pistons concept looked very amateur. However, i kept some elements of them (two tone) i liked to create a unique set that also maintains that Detroit Pistons feel Association Icon Athletes Community Thank you very much for viewing. let me know what you think and would like next.
  8. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    I'm considering updating these with Nikes new 4 jersey concept they are implementing, also because i feel a lot of the earlier concepts i did can be cleaned up/redone. Any thoughts? or should i just keep on with this thread? also i am considering other things such as doing courts to go along with the uniforms but don't have a template i like yet.
  9. NBA x NIKE Redesign Project (MIAMI HEAT CITY EDITION added 1/2)

    I think the Rockets could use some white on the trim to balance it out a little imo. Love the Jazz Alts
  10. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    I don't have the entire Warriors set complete yet, as i have made a few concepts that just haven't turned out as i hope. i like their current concept and am trying to find ways to improve it while maintaining characteristics i like. Nonetheless, i have a Warriors concept i have been wanting to do for a while. Being from the East Bay, the Warriors have always shaded Oakland in ways and embraced San Francisco more. (Never been called Oakland Warriors, wearing "The City" jerseys, wearing San Francisco jerseys in Currys rookie season, just to name a few) Therefore for their final season in Oakland i created an "Oakland Pride" or "The Town" Jersey as a way of appreciation. 2018-19 "Oakland" Jersey Alternates
  11. If you're going to tilt the word mark i think you have to move the numbers to the right to create better balance. i prefer it without the tilt but i see what you're going for here
  12. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    no worries. i just don't see the Bulls going with Jordan Brand exclusively as long as MJ is in Charlotte, but i did want at least one set to have the jumpman. Plus i think its a smart idea for the bulls as it will likely boost jersey sales/popularity. I can see Nike/JB doing this down the road
  13. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    Las Vegas Aces unique diamond pattern for the sides and no trim/collars to make a modern set for the vegas expansion. i was considering a "Sin City" alternate but couldn't decide on a color scheme i thought would work for it (wanted to stay away from a gold jersey). was considering a brighter red or another home jersey (similar to how the wizards have two white uniforms) let me know if there is any interest to see these alternates. (and no i don't want to alter these to be the sin city alts) thank you for all the feedback.
  14. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    heres just the aways with yellow. as well as the horizontal stripe on back as i previously mentioned. New expansion team coming soon.
  15. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    Houston Rockets Rockets are loooong overdue for a new set. not that i think they have a terrible uniform currently, but i think they're best in the past in the TMac-Yao era. i don't expect the NOB to be too well received, and i do have a different set where the line is horizontal, but i went with these because of the uniqueness and i wanted feedback on how others like the style.