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  1. grahamkp

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    I absolutely love this concept. I wonder if the primary logos for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Canaries would look better if the seams of the baseball in the background weren’t uninterrupted by the white outlining of the logo, so it would look as if the logo was placed on top of the baseball and the seams could be seen in the negative space.
  2. grahamkp

    Cincinnati Reds: Time For A Change?

    Modern reds should definitely be in 68-71 set. With the addition of red-white-red piping on home and road pants like they use on their current road grey pants. Also, possibly a white outline on the “Cincinnati” road wordmark and name and number to match the piping on the pants.
  3. grahamkp

    Trying a MLB Hockey Uniform Series

    Great stuff! I’d love to see more of these.
  4. grahamkp

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    Another great series! I noticed someone already mentioned the potential Tampa Bay White Sox. There were also a few other teams that nearly relocated to the Tampa Bay area as well. Most notably the Giants, along with the Mariners, Twins, A's, Rangers, and possibly others. I would love to see how you would tackle a concept for a failed Tampa Bay relocation.
  5. 1970's Cincinnati Reds. Doesn't hurt that the Big Red Machine was one of the greatest teams of all time and won back to back World Series. A classic look that they should adapt to the modern button down jerseys and bring back.
  6. grahamkp

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    Great series! One note is your tertiary Rangers logo looks a bit like the current Rays logo.