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  1. In another food promo, the Albuquerque Isotopes will become the Green Chile Cheeseburgers for a day... when they play the Fresno Tacos
  2. Whoa.. was this regular season?
  3. As far as the hats are concerned, I think most look good. The jerseys are toned down which is nice, so it means they dumped the gimmicks into the new socks. Will they 'make' players go high cuff then?
  4. Wow, that will certainly take some getting used to. They look pretty good! The Light design has a Michelob Ultra vibe to me. Found an article with more information.
  5. Holy hell that's a lot of flying WV. I feel like they used to use that old interlocking WV for baseball. I think that's perfectly suited for a cap.
  6. Exactly, even when going out on the court it's tough to see. It was in part from a fan submission contest, but the original winning design had them more subliminal like other courts... nope
  7. Do multiple logos count? Going back and visiting this for the first time was overwhelming...
  8. So many other teams get great Twist Up hats.... and the Phillies get this?!?!
  9. Count me as a fan of the bevel. As I commented on their facebook, the new marks just look like any other 'modernized' wordmark. I used to mess around with the JMU to remove the black, so I don't mind that, I'm just feeling like the new letters leave more to be desired. With that said, I love the new Duke Dog logos. Here's a link to the page for more information.
  10. JMU will be wearing all white tonight with what I believe is the 7th helmet version of the year. I'm assuming NDSU will be in Yellow/Green/Yellow after the helmet promo shots
  11. I love those Army uniforms a whole lot. I find it interesting that there are three different sets of numbers for double-digit/single digits. The helmets are fantastic (Edit) I guess I finally made my way to 1,000!
  12. Could it be? Could this be the pivotal moment we needed? When a small, independent team puts out a more respectable and cohesive look than recent outlandish teams... Could it be a small spark to ignite us back to 'Normal' Minor League quirkiness?
  13. So, we have two noon games starting off rivalry weekend and both home teams are in 'blackout' uniforms. What's the over/under going to be for this weekend? Also, Houston looks great in this set.
  14. Adidas (aka the staff members with the catalog) really has rolled out the all the stops to give WMU some atrocious uniforms this season.
  15. JMU going all black this week? With new lids. Edit: More pics in Spolier tag. Think just the helmet is new and its the 5th this season.