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I hope the next ballpark trend is unique features

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4 hours ago, kroywen said:

And that's not even counting features that didn't impact play (like the China Basin at AT&T, the warehouse at Camden, or the incredible skyline/bridge views at PNC).

This was such a great post, I could have commented on all of it. But I wanted to mention that China Basin and the warehouse do still have an impact on play. Because the outfield is oriented toward the Basin, there is way less wind than if they had oriented the field toward downtown like they originally planned - so home runs are more likely than anywhere else in San Francisco. In a contrasting the fashion, the B&O warehouse rebounds all the wind and blows a lot of fly balls backĀ into play. Only 88 home runs have hit the plaza and none have hit the wall (except Ken Griffey Jr. in the HR Derby) in 25 years. So even the things that don't seem to matter still matter.

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