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  1. Buffalo put down blue ice with different colored lines for their AHL team for two games in 2005. Never heard anything about it after though.
  2. was just thinking that.... Looked Whalerish
  3. A couple of Brian Keselowski's Red Wing cars.
  4. He said he wanted to turn the NBA upside down.Hakeem Olajuwons off color leg sleeve
  5. Looks like stickers.. you can see the tiny bit of clear on the edges..
  6. LOL, her tach wasn't working correctly, that's why she was asking. Pretty sure she wasn't searching for the speedo.
  7. I know they have jobs, read it again will ya. I'm talking about AFTER their NFL days are over, they will have to get a job to support themselves and their families just like everyone else in the world. I will not feel sorry for them for not having enough income to be "set for life" after playing 3 years of NFL football.
  8. I see your point, I feel bad for those guys who only get to play three years and not be set for life. Think about it, they might have to get a job like everyone else. oh the horrors of it all!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This is the "Rob Ray Rule". If your jersey comes off in a fight because it is not tied down, you get tossed. You can play all game with it undone, as long as you don't get into a fight you are allright. The NHL was tired of seeing this:
  10. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. He had an orange hunting hat on too, straight brim and sitting waaaaaaaay high on his head.
  11. They tried that in the All Star game 5 or 6 years ago, so I wouldnt' put it past them if they tried again.