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  1. I found this old artwork for the Dallas Cowboys, I did not create it. But I started making other teams and couldn't stop. I used some in my sig and have had a couple of requests for the template. Here are some that I made in my spare time. If anybody wants a certain one or the temp, let me know.
  2. As far as the uniform, I have to ask WHYoming???
  3. Jerry Tarkanian's towel George Brett's pine tar
  4. Double post, kill one--sorry.
  5. -Painter and sketch artist LeRoy Neiman, best known for evoking the kinetic energy of the world's biggest sporting and leisure events with bright quick strokes, died Wednesday at age 91. Neiman's paintings, many executed in household enamel paints that allowed him his fast-moving strokes, are an explosion in reds, blues, pinks, greens and yellows of pure kinetic energy. It was the essence of a basketball or football game, swim meet or cycling event that captured his imagination most. "For an artist, watching a (Joe) Namath throw a football or a Willie Mays hit a baseball is an experience far more overpowering than painting a beautiful woman or leading political figure," Neiman said in 1972. Neiman was a World War II veteran who participated in the invasion of Normandy and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. "I just love what I do," Neiman told the AP. "I love the passion you go through while you're creating" and the public's "very thoughtful and careful studied and emotional reaction of what you're doing." If you do not know his work please look him up-AXL
  6. I don' t understand the bump but I say HOOAH! Go Army - beat Navy! SSG AXL
  7. These are awesome! Can I get Albert on a metallic white background for my iPhone? Thanx Albert
  8. I think this is a stock logo from a helmet decal maker. I can't find it online, but I used to have it saved on my old computer.
  9. This thread needs some more pics for those of us who are hockey challenged!
  10. axl007

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    I made them in an old post on here for signatures. It's easy. Take a picture, remove the background.(some good pic's are from Fathead-they have no background) Take that picture, make it bigger and "cut out the head". Take the head a place over other picture.
  11. axl007

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    Axl, Great helmets! Do you have these without the wordmark area and just the helmets alone? If so, could you please send them my way. Also was your template for these in Photoshop format? The template is in an old computer that got flooded in the basement. I have to take it to the shop. I will give the temp to anyone who wants it when I get it back. The helmet is separate from banner. It was made in CorelDRAW.
  12. The inspiration logo! It's funny the things you see overseas. I saw kids running around in Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champion shirts (that the Patriots won) when I was in Iraq. Be careful over there. Axl
  13. I didn't notice this until I saw a concept on these boards, but there seems to be a difference in the logo the Chiefs use everywhere and the logo on their helmets. This logo is from a radio station site that broadcasts their games and matches the one on the Chiefs website: The logo on their helmets: 1. The bottom of the C does not level off, but is angled. 2. There is no white space between the leg of the K and the inside of the C. 3. Arrowhead is not as bumpy. 4. Helmet logo looks like a smaller version of the vintage Chiefs logo. This is a current photo. If the "press" logo is used because it reads better, why not just put it on the helmet? Does any other team do this?