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  1. Do you think you can share the tutorial. I would love to give this a try. Thank you
  2. I was trying to find the template for the soccer kits, but do not see it listed. If someone can please post it is appreciated.
  3. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=48778

    I'm new to this board. Saw your thread you started in April. I was wondering if you could make a New York Mets banner for me similar to the Sabre one you made. Really like your work.

    If you have time a Oklahoma Sooners championship banner, Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma City Hornets. Maybe an Oklahoma Sonics con

  4. I love all the pens jerseys.
  5. Carolina should be wearing those jerseys, big improvement.
  6. Looks really nice with the blue. The colors of the AZ flag I think.
  7. What about the Quebec Quagmire's of the FGHL ? [Family Guy Hockey league].
  8. The shoulder logo is from his XHL team. The Vancouver Millionares. Nice work.
  9. drevel

    Sharks Logo

    The update witht he gray stick looks awesome. Def, better than what the real team uses. A+.
  10. I love it. I like how under the arms it kinda' looks like a shatk fin - not sure if this was on purpose or not.
  11. drevel

    little piranhas

    That LP would look nice on a ball cap. Replace this with the Marlins one
  12. I think that you really improved upon the jerseys with the 2nd version. I know they said that they wanted to use the orange to accent the jersey & I think you did the same here.
  13. I have tried it a few years back for NHL 05, and I was able to get it working, but my logos werent that cool. Lots of steps, a couple programs & very time consuming for me.
  14. ter·ti·ar·y ADJECTIVE: Third in place, order, degree, or rank. Of, relating to, or designating the short flight feathers nearest the body on the rear edge of a bird's wing. Chemistry Of or relating to salts of acids containing three replaceable hydrogen atoms. Of or relating to organic compounds in which a group, such as an alcohol or amine, is bound to three nonelementary radicals. Tertiary Of or belonging to the geologic time, system of rocks, or sedimentary deposits of the first period of the Cenozoic Era, characterized by the appearance of modern flora and of apes and other large mammals. See Table at geologic time. NOUN: pl. ter·ti·ar·ies A tertiary feather. Tertiary The Tertiary Period or its system of deposits. Roman Catholic Church A member of a religious Third Order.
  15. drevel

    Miami Cyclones

    Nice colors for a team from Miami - kinda tropical blue. I really like the secondary alot.