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  1. Djarnis

    Jets primary

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> what the Jets chose as their logos. Well done
  2. You should've clarified that those unis were worn by the Miami Floridians of the ABA, so technically speaking, they were not worn in the NBA, only as throwbacks.
  3. Why not incorporate the maple leaf into the tail end of the jet?
  4. I like the Saints logo but there's one thing you ought to change: The seams on one side of the saint should be facing upwards or downwards, depending on which side you choose to redo. Other than that, pretty impressive body of work you've got here.
  5. Haven't been around in a long while. Nice to see guys doing awesome stuff again.

  6. The old Jays logo always was a good one (one of my favorites) but like NickNickNick said, you nailed it. You killed it. You utterly annihilated it. Well done, sir.
  7. Djarnis

    Raysox's 32 in 32

    I'm Danish and I love the Denmark kits. Great job!
  8. raysox is the man!

  9. Djarnis

    Raysox Sig Series

    If you still do these (which are beautiful looking by the way) I'd love to have a Celtics one. Make it like the Cavs one, with the shamrock lined up in the background and then Lucky. Thanks a bunch in advance!
  10. Fellow C's fan from Copenhagen, Denmark!

  11. Djarnis

    My NHL Redesign

    Awesome work. Just awesome.