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  1. The Predators have always been unique (in a good way). I figured, their center ice should be a little something different too. It's no groundbreaking idea here, but something i thought of... 1. 2.
  2. could you make a Predators one with their new logo? http://www.icethetics.info/blog/2011/6/22/predators-new-logos-unveiled.html 1280x800 (and iPhone wallpaper if possible) Thanks
  3. http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/9408/predatorsiphone.png too sick! thanks!
  4. Type: iPhone Team: Nashville Predators Logo(s): primary Color(s): navy, gold, silver (or whatever you think looks good) thanks!
  5. I'm no artist, but I haven't seen one on the board as of yet, so I figured I'd post mine. Bracket
  6. Team: Nashville Predators City: Nashville, Tennessee Logo: http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=129 Background Print: SMASHVILLE Thanks!
  7. can you make one for the Predators and St. Cloud State (http://www.frontrow-marketing.com/goya/images/ClientLogo/St_Cloud_State_Logo.jpg) thanks!
  8. i like your marshawn lynch signature...any chance you can make one of Adrian Peterson and/or Percy Harvin and/or Sidney Rice for me?

  9. does anybody have a good quality image of the Nashville Predators current 3rd jersey logo?
  10. I love the home and away. They're perfect. I like the alternate jersey too, but, to me, it seems like the mountains on the sleeves is a little much. Could just be me though. Overall, Denver's awesome.
  11. just say what you think, don't be a jackass about it.
  12. UConn with #49 would be awesome.
  13. I really like the UND jerseys. I have two minor complaints (that don't really matter anyway, but i'll say) 1. The North Dakota state outline is a little big on the front of the green jersey. I know it's their logo, but just the "ND" might be good enough. 2. I like the "North Dakota" on the white jersey, but to keep with tradition (and I know people may not like this) I would keep "Sioux" on the front. Nice job though!