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  1. I personally really liked the yellow diamond design USC used--thought it was unique I also LOVED when the Jags used to dress up its midfield logo with a Santa hat for the holidays--I think there was a thread about this awhile back but nobody could produce an image, only a YouTube vid.
  2. Is it just me, or is the Mavs logo/wordmarks starting to look quite outdated? The wordmark doesn't look bad on the jerseys, I think just in the portrayal on the full logo.
  3. this wade one would make a great poster--too bad they misspelled DWYANE's name
  4. not a good sign that all swingman jersies (even kobe, wade) are heavily discounted on eastbay and
  5. on FSWest Angels telecast tonight... nice touch. I'm sure we'll be seeing it all wknd throughout FSN telecasts and FOX Saturday baseball..
  6. oh wow, and particularly fine attention to detail with the 35th anniversary patch. unfortunately, that would be 1995, the year the m's and randy johnson took down the halos in game 163 at the kingdome.
  7. actually, it technically is BUSCH league... the phrase was derived from NASCAR's secondary stock car (or "minor league") series formerly known as the Busch Series, which is now known as the NASCAR Nationwide Series. *the more you know* Actually, if it were the Cardinals, it would be Busch league. For everyone else, it's bush league. Thank you for pointing this out!
  8. Tonight vs. Rays. Did I miss something? Are these serving as alternates for them? Regardless, this is real busch league.
  9. just curious, what size edge jersey do you buy? i'm in the market and similarly built (but 5'7", 30" waist).
  10. there are TWO players who were wearing "NATINALS" jerseys at the start of tonights game against the marlins. i was at the bar so i couldn't quite catch who, but FSFlorida kept showing close-ups of the screwed up jerseys. nats seamstress needs to be fired. **EDIT: Ryan Zimmerman is one of them. Sorry, no way to post pics
  11. more importantly--is this the first time the lakers wore white for a non-sunday home game? i can't recall when they wore LOS LAKERS last year, and which uniform they used
  12. my apologies, please lock this thread... real bad look for duke. i also did not catch the unintentional comedy of the photo.
  13. I don't remember any mention of it, and I'm pretty sure this is a pretty recent change, if not the debut of a new uni tonight @ home vs. FSU. Notice the strange adobe print on the back--kinda similar to the Redeem Team unis. Was this for a special occasion or something? This is the best pic i could find:
  14. Seeing increased exposure of the AFC and NFC logos in the playoffs, I was thinking they could use an update in line with the new NFL shield. At the very least--for conformity purposes--I'd like to see the stars on the logos be representative of the four divisions (four stars in NFC instead of three, eliminating one star on each side of the AFC). Thoughts, concepts, or any rumors about the NFL updating these logos anytime soon?
  15. just as a general side note to those who may be interested-- has some really cool caps like this... lots of new era 59/50s of obscure logos that you do not typically see, though often in crazy colors i'm not too keen on. the site is not very user-friendly, but check it out.