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  1. Once again, we realize we are truly indebted to you. Terrific work, gentlemen.
  2. That's not the Boston Red Sox though... that's a minor league team... does that really count?
  3. Perhaps allow me to direct you to the TFAQ... it will help you with the most common questions such as what programs to use, where to find templates, etc. Good luck!
  4. phil, you, sir, are a peach!!! thanks so much, i never seemed to be able to find time to rasterize those things....thanks again. A peach? Thanks! Glad to be of service.
  5. Gif's (as available in my recent 'raster' release) are Paint-compliant. Have fun!
  6. Also, upon request from one of the members here, I have rasterized Joel_Fiasco's Nike Football templates for all the non-vector designers, and I cleaned out all the existing colouring and numbers while I was at it. All 6 templates in 1 zip file. Enjoy!
  7. I've made a few modifications to my Nike-based Basketball template: Classic Jersey Style V-Neck Jersey Style Nike Wishbone Jersey Style ...and for those with Illustrator (for those with version 5 and later)... All 3 jersey styles in one Illustrator file (zipped)
  8. Now that this site is down, got an updated Templates DB for us STL?
  9. Vectorized STL's hockey template today... download it from here. If you want to put it on your templates database, I'd appreciate it STL. UniformJipetto emailed me recently with the info that he's been working on a vector hockey template, and he showed me the under construction versions... it looks very technical and is not like any template we currently have... more like templates for EA's NHL series add-ons than anything. Don't want to steal his thunder, but I'll let you know that with his you'll be able to mix and match shoulder styles, mesh styles, and collar styles to your hearts content.
  10. <font color='#000000'>My vectorization of the NikeTeam.com template (including the 3 most common collar types: v-neck, classic, and Nike Wishbone) is now available for download at the Templates database. http://home.earthlink.net/~jbstri....ball.ai is the link, although the file is actually in eps format. You might wanna change the extension to .eps before opening it, just to be sure it works. Hope you like it, the collars are all on different layers, even Illustrator neophytes should be able to figure it out.</font> EDIT: See my July 9, 2004 post for my updated templates, available in both raster (Paint, Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator 5.0 and up) format.
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