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  1. Yeah, their current set is pretty boring and doesn't represent the past at all. I think you really nailed it with these. I do like the brown number set the best. Nice job.
  2. Yep. This is how they should have been done!
  3. Facepalm..... Those pants really messed these up.
  4. Browns Equipment Manager speaks about the new unis. http://boxscorenews.com/cleveland-browns-equipment-manager-gives-insight-on-new-jersey-design-p119302-68.htm I didn't really know they had to go through all this for a uni change.
  5. It's... It's... It's beautiful!!!! Looks really great. Nice job!
  6. Well it's been 16 years of mostly disappointment and it's time to kick start a new beginning. I hope the team and fans will look at the change as way to start over and build something of a new history. Something the city and fans can be proud of. Go Browns! BTW - I'm 62....
  7. I think it looks great! I always liked Picaso-Coyote but with the new colors he looks even better.
  8. Real nice job on the Falcons! That's probably what we'll be seeing for the Browns on the 14th. At least I hope so. Nice work.
  9. That's the logo they should have come out with! Or simular, not the helmet again! Nice work on the unis as well.
  10. Really nice design and love the orange pants! Brown ones...not so much. I can only hope that something close to this is what they use.. Fingers crossed.
  11. I think that is the vocal majority actually. I mean assuming Twitter is to be trusted.Yea. That's pretty much how I feel as well...
  12. I just hope the new logo dosen't generate a facepalm....
  13. vls

    Cavaliers Concept

    Yes, get these to Dan Gilbert and the FO. They'll loved them. BTW - The people of Cleveland love their skyline....