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  1. Baseball pajamas need go. Why can't everyone wear the same pants on the field. Looks sloppy. Go back to traditional pants with stirrups for everyone, please!
  2. Just a suggestion, but, I would use American Airlines for the Mavs, simply because American Airlines is based here in D/FW. Great work, by the way!
  3. Didn't see this posted anywhere, but I think it's quite nice. Sorry if it's been posted before.
  4. FCKC OR KCFC? Either way, it looks vulgar. Kind of looks like a brand of cologne, too. Hmm.
  5. What's up with his mouth? -- Looks like he was experimenting with black lipstick. Looks like something from H.R. Pufinstuf. Did I just age myself?
  6. Very disappointed in the Stars hat. The gray really clashes with the gold. Ottawa's is pretty sharp though. May have to get one.
  7. The Sentinels already unveiled their uniforms. Endorsed by Jon Favreau no less!
  8. Actually, the popular name for it here is "Jerry World".
  9. I thought this thread was about a Texas Rangers logo.
  10. 1983 road jersey, sort of, I think the real jerseys were pullovers:
  11. It's a little hard to make out, but that is the state of Texas behind the buck.
  12. A local news cast here in Dallas made a comment about the unvieling of a new Stars jersey tomorrow (11-18)!