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  1. Wow. Can't say I saw St. Mary's pulling away like this. When was the last time Richmond scored?
  2. Oh, it's not just you. I've probably changed picks like 14 times on my bracket (Yeah, I'm a one bracket kind of guy).
  3. I would like to see that UConn set with the current C, or maybe a C with a red outline. Other than that (which is still good), these are all great!
  4. wow, aqua teen hunger force ftw. anyways, the knicks were just starting to look mediocre, then this happens. unbelievable.
  5. I think the shorts need a logo. They look a little plain.
  6. I remember him saying that he didn't know what was in crab cakes during the Indianapolis/Baltimore game.
  7. Well, ESPN just showed a little bit of West Virginia getting ready for the Backyard Brawl vs. Pitt, and they broke out the all yellow uniforms again. Just when you thought they wouldn't come back.
  8. Well, Ohio State has 2 helmet decals this year. They have the number 23 for Ron Springs, former Buckeye captain and Dallas Cowboy who is in a coma after receiving a kidney transplant. They also have the number 24 for Tyson Gentry, a P/WR (from my high school) who was hit during spring practice last year and suffered a vertebrae injury, paralyzing him from the neck down, although he has regained some movement.
  9. Well, since the Indians blew it, all I can say is "Go Rockies"
  10. Can you do the Indians?